The Unseen War

The Unseen War

The ATI, Anti Homeland invasion, team are a force of few team that specialise in dealing with Homeland threats before and after they even happened. The teams consist of 5-6 people. Delta squad are one of the best teams to run as of the current roster. Marcus the demolition, Fred the sledge, David the commander, Zax the shield and Sarah the disarmer, are the current Delta team and have never failed a mission in their lives.

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Chapter 1.


On the outskirts of the city, a small building was located. The building didn't look like anything special. It had a large garage and looked like an old bank. Inside the building was a number of people inside offices. They were waiting, talking and sat around a large table. They were looking a screen with a news report going on. "The effect of the attack has effected traffic all around the area and civilians have been order to leave the area" the man on the screen said. The woman at the front of the table looked at the people around the table. "Get delta in there. SAS can stuff it, this is getting out of hand" Someone nodded and pressed a blue button. The button set off an alarm.

Below ground Marcus, Fred and David were at the armoury, getting jackets, vests and ammo webbing on. Sarah and Zax were there too grabbing weapons. "How long did it take for this choice to be made?" Sarah spoke up, sorting out her hoodie under her vest.
"SAS wanted this one. SWAT just went in about 30 minutes ago. Hostages got out, the team didn't" David said. Strapping metal plates over his black trousers on his knees.
"They don't think about the other forces now? Do they even know we're coming?" Zax added. He placed a large helmet and visor on his head.
"Probably not" Sarah said passing Fred his sledge hammer. "You hit me with it this time, I will push you into a claymore"
"You were in the way love" Fred laughed and zipped his vest up, taking his sledge and a L85A2. Marcus was leaning on a wall, loading his M10 shotgun. David walked over to him.
"Marcus, you alright?" David asked him quietly.
"I'm...Good" He'd said, then David looked in his eyes.
"You're not doing it again are you?" He put a hand on his shoulder.
"It's none of your business. Leave personal life at the door" He'd said walking off as he did. Fred followed behind him.
"What's up with him this Time?" Zax asked, taking his shield.
"Leave him to it. You know how he is" David said, grabbing a Famas and walking out.
"If he's doing drugs again" Sarah added but Zax shock his head at her and walked her out. The whole team were getting into a large black SWAT van, with Fred driving. They set out to the city. A local university was  under a bio chemical attack.
"Right listen up. We get there, command has already gone through and called ahead. We go get set up, get a plan down, go in with gas masks and deal with this" David told them all.
"Resrictions?" Sarah asked.
"Nothing, explosives are in use. So Marcus, you and Sarah are up high and rushing down the bomb room." David said. Marcus and Sarah fist bumped. "Fred, myself and Zax we're going right for the stairs and providing a distraction" He said.

The van arrived, the team got out and walked over to a small table set up. "You must be delta, i-" A man said as they got there.
"I don't care who you are just let me see the semantic" David cut him off. The team got around the table. "Yeah, Josh and Sarah you'll take the skylight here. And me, Zax and Fred take the front door" He pointed at points on the blue prints.
"The bomb is on the top floor, we counted 5 tangos left with a mounted gun at the top of the stairs" A SWAT captain added. "I don't know what the hell you're thinking with this stupid plan"
Marcus looked at him and just stood up right. "Marcus cool it" Zax told him.
"AHI, we're the best at this sorta thing. Marcus there is the best and fastest demolition we have" David told the SWAT captain. "RIGHT LET'S GO GUYS" Everyone put on a gas mask. Marcus and Sarah went off and went to walk around the side of the building.
Sarah decided to pop the question while the went up some stairs at thw back of the building. "What you on this time?"
"A little something called, back the f*ck off" Marcus told her and got to the top of the stairs. They had to climb a ladder to reach to the top of the building.
Their radio went off. "You guys ready?" David asked through it.
"About there, ready to breach in 5" Sarah told them.

David and Fred were positioned on either side of the front door. "Time to break some shit!" David yelled kicking down the door. Zax went in shield raised turning right into another room. Fred over took as they went into the room. He'd turned right getting his sledge hammer ready. "GET OUT OF THE WAY!" He yelled knocking the wall down. Zax and Fred went through the hole. Some incoming fire coming from the stair case that was now in front of them. The mounted gun was laying down rounds upon rounds. Alongside two other, one on the stairs and one right next to the gun. David went around and was taking cover in a hallway while Zax took the fire getting Fred to move to the right side. "Marcus, Sarah! There's only two up in the room. Unless there's more so get going"

Marcus and Sarah has just finished fast roping down to the second floor of the building. They didn't respond due to radio silence. They saw the gas all around the place. "Jesus" Marcus said to himself. His M10 raised up so he could aim. They took a right turn and stacked up against a reinforced wall. The metal plating sticking out of the wall. Sarah and Marcus nodded at one another. Marcus reached behind him and took a large folded thermostatic charge. He place it on the wall. He'd get the detonator ready, pressing it down. The charge started to spark, drilling a hole in the wall before exploding. Marcus went in and went left, Sarah went right. Marcus let's off and shot at man in some heavy armour. He fell down and no nearly got back up until Marcus let another round lose into his face. Another guy rushed him, but he dropped as he got to Marcus, Sarah had dropped him with 2 shots from her AUG. "I'll defuse it, watch the stairs" Marcus just went off, heading to the stairs. "Marcus! Shit" Sarah went to the bomb and eyed it up. She kneeled down and got to work.

Zax, Fred and David were on the lower floor still pinned by the gun but they had taken one guy out. They remained calm. And just waited. Soon one of the guys fell down the stairs, dead. The guy on the gun turned to face it, but Marcus had come down the stairs so fast and smacked him in the face with the butt of his Shotgun. "Career criminals my ASS!" He'd had dropped the guy and just started kicking and hitting him with the butt of his Shotgun.  Pulling it up and shooting him point blank in the face, the guys head nearly coming completely off under the mask. "F*CKING AMATEURS!" Sarah came down the stairs soon after. Both her and Marcus walked over to the others. They all went to walk outside. "Jesus Marcus" Zax said.
"What?" Marcus said taking off his mask as they got away from the building.
"Reckless" Sarah said. "The area is ganna be contaminated for a while but the bombs done. Thanks for the cover Marcus"
"Leave it out all of you" David added. Fred punch Marcus in the arm lightly. They both laughed as everyone got back in the van.
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