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This past wendsday
This has real life events that actually happened, but the second chapter dosent. Have a wonderful day! -Starlight Ps, these events happened this passed Wendsday.
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The girl in the black robes
Katie Brown A.K.A. Kowareta Karera e which Kowareta means broken and karera e means to them Shes the world's greatest killer, one day she had a fight with another killer, and after that day her world turns upside down. This is ...
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Nikki Forces You To Do Challenges //1//
Here are the contestants that are still competing: Tori (Dowogami_Is_In_Love) Keiona (Firey_the_human) Hyper (Firey_the_human) John (Firey_the_human) Skipper (Bl00m) Tucker (Cool_kiddo) Dee (Cool_kiddo) Kitsune (Cool_kiddo) Ro...
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It's like the steer fighter story mode that's all I need to say about this story
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Fly high in the sky
Nick is not some nomel teenage he a werewolf and is the top of his class so he can join the military but war made the school stop all his class and go home. One day he meet a girl who is fighting on the other side but people w...
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the men of the mountain
the men of the mountain tells the two stories each of how guilt can affect humans. The first is of two races of men who have had a violent past but are now living in a monastery with an uneasy truce. The second is of a former p...
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I'm not a curse
I am not a curse... I am not a curse... I EXIST... I am not a... cuuurse...
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My fan art was set to profile
This is based off of bleshou's story because QFEAST IS ROOD. I need to vent about this.
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The Girl In Black
Hitomi was a normal girl... until one night, when in her dreams, a man came to her. He asked what he wanted her future to be. Hitomi, being only seventeen, didn't know what she wanted to be. The man gave a suggestion, and she s...
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Elder Scrolls V: The Fan Story
Dragonborn, Dragonborn by his honor is sworn To keep evil forever at bay! And the fiercest foes rout when they hear triumph's shout, Dragonborn, for your blessing we pray! (The following is by the Author’s actions on his Nint...
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A werewolf that in love with a werecat
The long war between two species who had wrath towards the two kingdoms. Within the midest of the war, two from each side show affection, and a possible way to end the long year war. Alex, of the Palace of werecats and Nick of ...
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The Last Paladan
The final days of the Sith war are drawing near, and Sesa, a Jedi Knight, is sent on a mission to the outer rim. When he returns, he's promoted to the rank of paladin, the highest rank a Jedi warrior could receive. But with pow...
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The Legend of Super Sally
So during my time playing xenoverse I had one primary charater which I named Sally. So this is just kinda the story I've built behind her. I'll add the looks of her progression as I get the screen shots but I don't have them rn.
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5 "The dorm"
This is a story about an unknown cause that happens inside a college dorm.. the dorm is hiding something from the students.
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Renta The Grim Reaper.
I lost my father in a war. Making me Grim Reaper of Death Kingdom, but there was something in the shadows. That threaten to kill me and my kingdom. With three things in the middle of it all.
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4 my story idea
This is about a tv show idea I had come up with In 2014 and I have been working on for awhile a post apocalyptic show.
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3"Casino catastrophe"
This is a story I came up with about a terrorist attack inside of a casino.
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2 "I'm Hear"
A paranormal story about a women who explores an abandoned school and comes close to solving the mystery of what happened there.
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