Fiction and Nonfiction
Switch: Battle of the consoles Book 1
Switch, a teenaged console faces the dangers of the internet as he fights for the Kingdom NINTENDO in the console war versus kingdom SEGA.
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what happened last night to me
this happened to me last night around 2 am and it lasted up to 5am i had to get this off my chest
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things for achool
my school told me to make a randomly generated story and so this is it.
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Owen x SCP  [One Shot]
A story about two broken hearts who meet over the internet; SCP is a depressed girl recovering from heartbreak after the love of her life left her. Owen, a handsome lad in search of a lady to give love to. Can he pick up the pi...
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Naruto fanfic
I love Naruto. And @dildo420 is in this and I will just call her Himati. I'm Syko.
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Celeste: The Musical
A musical about our lord and savior Celeste. These are the lyrics to the songs.
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Proof that dip is canon
This is actual proof that south park ship damien x pip is canon yahoo this is a good day for pouth sark fans plz read
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Why Celeste is god
This story will explain why Celeste is god. Celeste is god. And Celeste day is in many days
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ask/dare kiara
heres where you get to ask my oc kiara and yes shes a furry but she has other forms too in case nobody wants to talk to a furry
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Limon sibblings: Lime's Tragedy
Here is a non-canon story i came up with in the shower (shower thought!)
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Ask me anything. this is a q n a I suppose. Ask away. I will answer as honestly as possible.
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Ask doctor alto clef
This is an Ask thing, I'm going to do another one soon. Enjoy? I'll try to impersonate him as best as I can
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The sequel to the Korekiyo story
This part is talking about all of the characters that they dissed for the most stupid reasons.
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wY i LoV kOrekIyo!1!1
This story is based on an article written by a Korekiyo kinnie that I happened to find. With its false facts, and wonderful storyline, this is me retelling it.
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The Abducted Ones
In 2029, aliens came to earth. They're not your typical aliens, more like meta-humans, humans with powers. They came to replace six of their own. Adapting some kids when they were in a treehouse, they experimented on them. BTW ...
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