Fiction and Nonfiction
Object breakdown
This is my new object show that's not gonna have anyone ocs because I think I made everyone mad and I'm so sorry for that also all the pictures on the chapters is the looks of the characters
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Red Cross
A small task force is assigned an impossible mission: Take out a mercenary army.
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Smash Bros character concepts
Some ideas I have for new additions to the roster in super smash bros. Ideas will include attacks, final smashes, alternate skins, etc. I'll add more characters when I get enough ideas for attacks and stuff for them.
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The best of friends
I like to write and would love to be an author some day so ya. This story has romance, suspense, drama and explosions lol so have fun. I have not finished the whole story yet but I am excited about this one so I will let ya'll ...
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The batter for home
Dark is a werewolf in command of a high tec ship for space but Earth was bing attack by human from Mars. Dark need all his friend he can get and ship to keep his home safe from harm.
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i just decided to write this story, for a oc of mine is a total bitch to everyone except her boyfriend and her ex boyfriend so-
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The death penalty
ADULT CONTANT This a story about a young girl on a murder spree with her boyfriend. There is eddsworld in this so yeah.
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The next TDC (Finally!)
Loud speaker: tdc is back with episode nine! Whant tk know who was eliminated? Its kinda obvious.
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My hogwarts life pt.1
Well , I had the idea because everyone else was making them, hope you like it!
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MM16 amulet and light
I am continuing this on my 5-hour car ride. I just did MagiQuest. It was fun, you should try it.
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Mm 15
I kinda didnt know that the last one was the 14th and i sayed the 13th, so dont be confused.
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MM 13 i think
13 is an unluckey number. The 13th episode of bfb didnt come out yet. The 13th ii episode was dramatic. Lets hope this goes well.
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Sweet Sugar Hopes
“Love may not be visible, but it shall be something I see everytime I’m with you.” ~ Sofia Beatriz Timbol ~~ “Sweetheart, get ready, we’re going out with your mom.” “Of course Papa! I’m coming!” “Ally, sweetie, come now. We are...
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Two Brothers.
From living in a small town in China, Yiu Wang and Xiangtan Wang have found life in America to be completely different. While running away from a dangerous gang, they've decided not to return to their homeland for some time. ...
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MM reboot 1
Lol. Need to have a new pic. I will post the charaters later. You can request a charater. I will post a poll later.
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my old second grade stories
yeah yeah yeah is second grade i was a shitpost so i guess that stayed. i wrote stories also yeahyeahyeah.
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video games x reader one-shots
video games x reader one-shots obviously. recommend anything because I am not good at thinking
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