Fiction and Nonfiction
Ask me anything. this is a q n a I suppose. Ask away. I will answer as honestly as possible.
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Ask doctor alto clef
This is an Ask thing, I'm going to do another one soon. Enjoy? I'll try to impersonate him as best as I can
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The sequel to the Korekiyo story
This part is talking about all of the characters that they dissed for the most stupid reasons.
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wY i LoV kOrekIyo!1!1
This story is based on an article written by a Korekiyo kinnie that I happened to find. With its false facts, and wonderful storyline, this is me retelling it.
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The Abducted Ones
In 2029, aliens came to earth. They're not your typical aliens, more like meta-humans, humans with powers. They came to replace six of their own. Adapting some kids when they were in a treehouse, they experimented on them. BTW ...
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rando mems
this is just some random memories i have of me and tylers friendship / relationship. if tyler is reading this, this is so you dont forget.
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An Essay on Robot Piss
I’m going to put the skills we learned in English class to good use, might send this to my teachers after I graduate. If this doesn’t fix Nia’s stoopy Brain, I don’t know what will
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best things about being drum major
it was too long to post on my wall so i had to make it a story. you get the idea, im basically a gym rat with a baton
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This is a story about ch ok e. It is a story about ch ok e which is a story
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Red Cross
A small task force is assigned an impossible mission: Take out a mercenary army.
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Smash Bros character concepts
Some ideas I have for new additions to the roster in super smash bros. Ideas will include attacks, final smashes, alternate skins, etc. I'll add more characters when I get enough ideas for attacks and stuff for them.
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The best of friends
I like to write and would love to be an author some day so ya. This story has romance, suspense, drama and explosions lol so have fun. I have not finished the whole story yet but I am excited about this one so I will let ya'll ...
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The batter for home
Dark is a werewolf in command of a high tec ship for space but Earth was bing attack by human from Mars. Dark need all his friend he can get and ship to keep his home safe from harm.
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i just decided to write this story, for a oc of mine is a total bitch to everyone except her boyfriend and her ex boyfriend so-
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The death penalty
ADULT CONTANT This a story about a young girl on a murder spree with her boyfriend. There is eddsworld in this so yeah.
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The next TDC (Finally!)
Loud speaker: tdc is back with episode nine! Whant tk know who was eliminated? Its kinda obvious.
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My hogwarts life pt.1
Well , I had the idea because everyone else was making them, hope you like it!
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MM16 amulet and light
I am continuing this on my 5-hour car ride. I just did MagiQuest. It was fun, you should try it.
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