Fiction and Nonfiction
i just decided to write this story, for a oc of mine is a total bitch to everyone except her boyfriend and her ex boyfriend so-
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The death penalty
ADULT CONTANT This a story about a young girl on a murder spree with her boyfriend. There is eddsworld in this so yeah.
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The next TDC (Finally!)
Loud speaker: tdc is back with episode nine! Whant tk know who was eliminated? Its kinda obvious.
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My hogwarts life pt.1
Well , I had the idea because everyone else was making them, hope you like it!
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MM16 amulet and light
I am continuing this on my 5-hour car ride. I just did MagiQuest. It was fun, you should try it.
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Mm 15
I kinda didnt know that the last one was the 14th and i sayed the 13th, so dont be confused.
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MM 13 i think
13 is an unluckey number. The 13th episode of bfb didnt come out yet. The 13th ii episode was dramatic. Lets hope this goes well.
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Sweet Sugar Hopes
“Love may not be visible, but it shall be something I see everytime I’m with you.” ~ Sofia Beatriz Timbol ~~ “Sweetheart, get ready, we’re going out with your mom.” “Of course Papa! I’m coming!” “Ally, sweetie, come now. We are...
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Two Brothers.
From living in a small town in China, Yiu Wang and Xiangtan Wang have found life in America to be completely different. While running away from a dangerous gang, they've decided not to return to their homeland for some time. ...
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MM reboot 1
Lol. Need to have a new pic. I will post the charaters later. You can request a charater. I will post a poll later.
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my old second grade stories
yeah yeah yeah is second grade i was a shitpost so i guess that stayed. i wrote stories also yeahyeahyeah.
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video games x reader one-shots
video games x reader one-shots obviously. recommend anything because I am not good at thinking
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Tdc 8
Loud speaker: we finally have spinners! Everyone: Yay! Loud speaker: but we had to sell it due to budget cuts. Everyone: What?! Loud speaker: JK
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Tdc 3
Starlight: may i be excused? I have a doctor's appointment. Loud Speaker: Sure. You wont have to participate today Starlight: thanks
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When you need reputation points...
story you write a random story because you have nothing better to do in your life.
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Soren's life story.(Revised.)
This is a more revised version because the other one wasn't very good.
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