Fiction and Nonfiction
Why (2)
Ok anyway this happened Bryson called Dane the wrong name and Olive said it was rude Characters: Bryaon, Olive, me
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Can You Imagine? part 1
I don't have a description but it says I need words so. wordy word words
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cool bowie facts
he’s really cool so i making a fact book about him thanks for the inspo estellas wife
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This is a book of a poem
Sorry to this affects you There are death of animals And it may be harmful
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my story bc im sick of afton shit or whateva
piss cum piss cum shit shit cum piss piss cum shit cum piss shit cum piss cum piss cum shit shit cum piss piss cum shit cum piss shit cum piss cum piss cum shit shit cum piss piss cum shit cum piss shit cum piss cum piss cum sh...
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Forest rescue misson
Athena has been taken by a couple of bandits. It is up to Forest to bring her back.
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Hi I'm dad
Wassup this is for may random stuff okay =) Don't enjoy Don't like Don't do anything
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My fav video game book TwT
This is Minecraft you see it's a create your own bla bla bla and this thing
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1 of my fav fnaf 3 songs
He said FoLlOw Me FoLlOw FoLlOw FoLlOw i forgot the lyric damn it but totinos
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banned words list updated
this is an updated list of banned words cause the other list atopped production
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Songs that how i feel rn
Hello and well this is the song that i feel and so yeah i hope you guys ENJOY!
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A happy story!
Idk just feeling good today! So here a story! happy happy yay happy idk
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Abtha X Villain deku
Abtha is ALmights Daughter and a super hero she sided both sides blah, blah just read^^
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The War
the war is Against the dream team and The Asher pack !WARNING! it is from a role play so i might not make this as a story-
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Two sides
This is my story basically. The feelings I feel inside (In case any of you ppl out there are curious. I kinda doubt it) THIS WILL BE DEPRESSING, heartwarming, and hopefully you'll understand more about me.
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Wolves: the dangerous game 2.0
A wolf sent on a simple mission. Or so he thought. But will he see it through alive... This is actually a modified version of an older version of the story I did. It’s not finished but it’s a work in progress. Please let me k...
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The Bible
this is the bible creadted by ameemee parody on twiter . com hope you guys enjoy
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if i was in my hero academia
ummm... i don't really know what to tell you about this just read and found out i guess.
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I like DreamWasTaken and GeorgeNotFound and since Dream keeps Simping George I think it's time to make a DreamNotFound fan-fic.
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