Responses to things that have been said about me.

Hahaha f*ck the haters, in this story I will be going over comments, messages, things that have been said...And turning them into dust, wrecks, useless words in which you have wasted. And you're lucky I'm not on youtube coz I would also be turning them into cold...Hard cash...F*CK SAKE! I will also be going over some more reasonable or just nice things people have said or done for me.

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Number 1

Okay lets get to this with the first one.
"Why are you even on Qfeast?" Because Jackie said I should come here and boredom is a thing so yeah...Why are you here? Life goals, or no life at all?
"You make me wanna kill myself" Well I hope you found yourself to thins story and there is a noose wrapped around your neck and you're about to lose you balance.
"You should be rich and famous my friend" HEY F*CK YOU!
"Reading some of your shit makes me die in laughter" Glad I can assist.
"That's the nicest thing you...Anyone has ever said to me" Hey, it's what I do.
"You have the nerdiest picture in the world you freak" 99.9% of people on Qfeast love my picture and I am PROUD to have that picture up there!
"Bitch what?" Bitch you heard me.
"How does your life even...Even, I don't know the word" I think the term you are looking for is "Get anymore awesome".
"You jerk" You dick.
"F*ck you and your f*cking drama" Bitch I defined what drama is 500 times, I am not drama I am the only person here who knows what IT IS!
"Drama queen" King*
"Your grammar is bad" And so are your Polls...Need ice for that one?
"Did you fail English?" This is fair enough as I did so.
"Your Fight stories suck" It's your word, against Sapphire's. Who do you think will win that war?
"F*CK YOU, you can't say Dark Souls is easy coz shields" I know hence why I never said that. I said Dark Souls is easy coz it's easy.
"You suck at life" And you suck dick.

Anyway a few things I need to mention before I end thing one.
Massive thank you to many people including. Sapphire, Jackie, Applewolf, Ollie/Izzy/Cheeselover, Dragon Lance...And so many more.
Thank you again to Jackie for making a really nice picture ages ago now but still, link in the comments.
Thank you again to Sapphire for being there for like everything I have done on this f*cking website.
And just f*ck these haters man, and thank you to everyone who has been there with nice things to say.
I shall release a new chapter soonish.
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Comments (4)

This is really sweet! Thanks! and go poop of the haters X3
on November 29, 2015
on November 29, 2015
on November 29, 2015
SpinnerFTW Thanks again Jackie. (This was from ages ago, it is no longer legit)
on November 28, 2015