We Fly And Fight together

We Fly And Fight together

(To sum this up, stars wars rip off XD) So one mechanic has to take control of his first ever ship. He must overcome his fears and past to fight for home. Mechs, space ships and lasers, he knows how to make them, but can he use them?

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Chapter 1.

The start of his fight

"WE'RE HIT! JOSH! WE'-" The pilot said to the man in the back.
"I KNOW I KNOW! JAMES MIND OUT!" Josh yelled over the sound of the loud beeping of the ship.
"HANG ON!" James grab a hold of the stick in front of him, quickly turning it, spinning the ship around.
"I'm going out there to fix it!" Josh undid his buckle on the seat.
"Jackson, take my sword, if they jump on you're ganna need it mate!" James yelled behind him.
"Copy!" Josh got up, picked up a 4 foot long longsword.
"Good luck Jackson! I have faith in you!" James, spun the ship back upright. Josh placed on a small mask on his mouth James had done the same. They both wore basic light weight leather armor with metal gantlets and boots. They looked at each other and nodded. Josh opened up the window. He got up and stepped onto the small F-Hawk fighter. It had multiple rocket hatches near the back and two small 40mm laser cannons in the front. The ship had two main wings, with three small wing shaped spikes at the back on the top on each side. The window was a large hatch used to get in and out of the cockpit, it was the only thing between the pilot and space. The seats in the cockpit were faced back to back. Josh got up and stood on the ship, leaving the hatch open. Once he had placed his foot on the metal of the ship, the bottom of his metal boots lit up with a blue light. His foot stuck down on the ship. "Comm check. James you read" Josh spoke into his mask.
"I got you Josh, I'm trying to reach central. Hang in!" James said back. He then picked up the mic on the radio. "Mayday mayday mayday! This is F-Hawk! We're stuck in the middle of nowhere and need back up!"
"You got put on voice mail didn't you?" Josh asked.
"Let's just say we're on our own" James said, keeping the ship steady. "You got about 2 minutes before we have incoming!"
"F*ck sake!" Josh walked slowly along the ship, he saw a large amount of smoke coming from the thruster. "Thruster was hit"
"Josh I lied, these guys are here! They're in FC's!" The FC was a rebel speeder ship, designed to come after fights and pick off anyone left.
"Please tell me someone is out there!" Josh was still walking to the thruster.
"No, we're the last two!" James told Josh. But the ships that were attacking them stopped. They hovered around them, light beaming on their ship. "JOSH GET OUT OF THERE!"
Josh placed his hand on the sword. "I can do this!"
"JOSH!" James yelled, he was trying to undo his buckle. That was when a rebel landed on the ship, drawing a a sword, it instantly lit up and heated up with blue light. Josh's then lit up too, with a red plasma light. The rebel swung and Josh pulled the sword up to his face with two hands. He blocked the hit, staggering a bit. The rebel sent another swing, Josh once again blocked it poorly and fell over. Josh's sword landed in the cockpit. James quickly reached behind him, just grabbing the sword. He took it and cut his buckle. Josh laid there, leaning on his arms, the rebel went to plunge his sword into Josh. That was until James cam past and slashed the guys head off. He put his hand out to Josh "You did good, but we need that thruster fixed" James said to Josh. He then looked around. "You think you're good at what you do? Huh? WELL LET ME TELL YOU! NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU TRY! I'LL TAKE ALL OF YOU ON, ONE...BY...ONE!" In this time Josh had legged it to thruster. However the rebels panic at the site of something terrifying. The A-Class Space Peace Keepers Cruiser. One of the good guys you could say. Josh was already getting to work on the thruster, removing the metal plate between him and the control panel. The 8 rebel FC's all scattered in all directions. James legged it back to the cockpit and jumped into the pilot seat. "F-Hawk, this is SPK Royal, we're here to get you guys out of there!"
James picked up the radio. "Roger that Royal, hit them hard, we're just fixing up. Afterwards...Permission to broad?"

Meanwhile on the SPK Royal. A man was standing looking out on the observation deck. "F-Hawk, permission granted. Get here safe boys!"
He turned his head and looked at some of the pilots behind him. "Get them out of there! We need all the fighters we can muster!"
The pilots all answered with "YES SIR!". They all ran off to there ships.
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on March 08, 2016
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