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Human-Hedgehog [Remastered]
[This story is a re-written version of my published story under the same name. It has been re-written because of an inconsistent flow in the story, thus the inability to continue it, but this version WILL have the consistency t...
29 reads 17 readers 7 by Weiss_Schnee
Morning After Dark
My first story on here hope you enjoy. It was a normal day for five teenagers until zombies over run their town and infiltrate their school. Can they survive?
10 reads 8 readers 1 by Gameguy255
Corpse Party - Tortured Souls [Read Description]
[Be warned: What you are about to read may appear as just an ordinary Sonic story at first, but it contains a LOT of horror, blood, and gore, just like the original Corpse Party anime. Read at your own risk! With this in mind, ...
136 reads 37 readers 42 by Weiss_Schnee