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Qfeasters trapped on an island
The beginning is based of titanic. But eight people make it on to an island and are trapped there and must survive. Qfeasters are in the story.
135 reads 31 readers 12 by Broken_soul
Human-Hedgehog [Remastered]
[This story is a re-written version of my published story under the same name. It has been re-written because of an inconsistent flow in the story, thus the inability to continue it, but this version WILL have the consistency t...
29 reads 17 readers 7 by Weiss_Schnee
Morning After Dark
My first story on here hope you enjoy. It was a normal day for five teenagers until zombies over run their town and infiltrate their school. Can they survive?
10 reads 8 readers 1 by Gameguy255
Corpse Party - Tortured Souls [Read Description]
[Be warned: What you are about to read may appear as just an ordinary Sonic story at first, but it contains a LOT of horror, blood, and gore, just like the original Corpse Party anime. Read at your own risk! With this in mind, ...
141 reads 38 readers 42 by Weiss_Schnee