One Last Fight

One Last Fight

Josh Smith, the one man army, is back for one last fight. He has no idea what he's up against but with some help from a very old person from the past, they and many friends fight for what little planet they have left. However, fighting against these new enemies isn't the only thing they ll have to look out for.

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The hell are you?

Little Key: '...'=Narration
"..."=Speech (I'm sure you knew)
'20 years ago, I was nothing more than a soldier of the future, who stopped a war. 10 years ago, me and a small team stopped another war against beasts. And now, at the age of 40, I Josh Smith, am a husband and a farther, but I...still...Fight. With the last city on earth, a huge structure, three times the size of what was once Russia, but with less than 3 billion people left. This city, New Plethic, is all we have, but we are trapped by a new enemy, Human, beasts and undead all together, controlled by...Something. We found these temples in hope of answers.'
Josh was in one of the temples alone, walking around the fire lite halls. He had his 50 cal BH sniper on his back, his A4N2 scout rifle on his back, with a Desert Eagle on each of the two holsters on his hips, and 3 knives on his chest and side. Keeping his "Decked out" look. He still had his two robotic legs and his right arm was still like it too. You couldn't see that has he has his Mark 5 Mech Suit on. He pushed open two large metal doors. He looked up to see a man, nothing more than 22 years old, in a blade attire, with a cross feather cape and beak like mask. In these temples there where weird beasts and people, but this was new. The young man looked up with his mask, "Turn back," he said slowly.
"Why? Who are you?" Josh asked gripping one of his Desert Eagles.
"I am one of the many people trapped here, my name is Josh the Hunter or Crow, most go with that," The young man said.
"Heh, I'm Josh too, I a-" Josh was cut of, as Crow swung his large scythe right at him. Josh ducked and push Crow back. "Oh that's it kid!" Josh ran at Crow, sending a swift uppercut to his chin. Crow went flying up and landed on his back a few feet away.
"Ganna be that way?" Crow said standing up. "Fine!" He quickly threw a throwing knife at Josh.
Josh knock the throwing knife out of the air. "You ain't got shit" Crow came running at Josh with his scythe in his hands. However as they ran at each other, two beast, one behind each of them, appeared out of nowhere. Josh and Crow dashed past each other. Josh rolled forward drawing his 50 Cal BH, firing a shot right into it's head. Crow swung with scythe, cutting the beast in two as he pasted. They guys turned to each other.
"Right start talking hunter," Josh said to him.
"My name is Josh The Hunter Of Hunters, I have been here for 3000 years and have no way of getting out without dying" Crow responded.
"We'll see about that" Josh began thinking.
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