The Ashen One

The Ashen One

In a land where hollows go to die. One man has to push himself to light the first flame. But in this land anything could happen.

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Chapter 1.


Darkness...It filled my eyes. I could feel something around me...It slowly became clear it was dirt. I was buried. I however managed to sit up right. My vision was blurred for a second, before coming clear. I was sat in a large coffin. I got out slowly, jumping down off the coffin and looking myself over. Steel knight armour, wasn't much me but it'll do. I looked around. I spotted a basic long sword and a knights shield lying aside the coffin. I picked these up and moved on. So many questions...Yet I felt I had a purpose.

I didn't get more than a few feet before I saw something. It looked like a man wearing dark blue robes, but I felt danger. Soon he turned around, reveling his face under his hood. He looked dead...Hollowed. His skin was all wrinkled and dry. He was holding something however. It wasn't anything of major threat just a broken straight sword. With no hesitation he rushed me, raising his "sword" with poor ability. I simple raised my shield to block the pathetic blow and jammed my sword into his heart. The hollow died from the impact instantly and I removed my sword from his chest. I let him drop and gave my head a simple shake. Poor soul, lost in his madness of being a hollow. I carried on, no doubt there was more.

I soon made my way up a small hill, my sword bloody from a few hollows I had to "move" out of my way. I saw a small bonfire and decided to take a small break. I walked to the bonfire, moving my hand to the handle of the sword jammed into it. The bonfire set a light and sat down for a minute. I had question, but no sane to tell them too. I reached behind me and took a small green flask off a sling. I placed it near the bonfire and watched as the green flask became a golden colour. I picked it back up and looked at the new liquid inside it. Estus, a healing product of our land, so common yet so mysterious. I knew I had to move out of here soon. What lied ahead didn't worry me, how long until my questions where answered did.
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