A bnha various x fem reader. "I love you (Y/n), but please stop voring everyones toes." ~a beautiful story full of struggle and many memes~ based off a wonderful and much better written story called 'LACUNA'

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Chapter 1.
~basic information~

~basic information~

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Name: (Y/n) (l/n)

Age: 15

Personality: a loud mess of a girl who has little to no shame, she lives, breathes and snorts memes. She spent majority of her childhood learning how to master
the technique of talking in emojis. She's not dense, just an idiot and fails to realise peoples feelings towards her and her own emotions. Generally a stupidly sweet
crackhead who loves her friends more than the 'bbq sauce on my tiddies' vine which she quotes daily.

Appearance: (h/l) (h/c) locks and (e/c), a small scar on her cheek which she got from being shot in the face with a tennis ball that was hurtling towards her at 100mph,
signed by the one and only Mia Khalifa. Is described as 'a thicc bitch with a singular brain cell which constantly seems to be high off purple crayola pens.'

Affiliations: file lost

Family: file lost

Quirk: file incomplete. The basis of her quirk is being able to take characteristics from different monsters and use their abilities, eg. a vampires speed, a witches
magic. She's not unhappy with her quirk she just can't use most of the monsters because they aren't willing to lend her their help so she bitches about them behind their

Likes: memes, references that she understands, feeling special to someone, drinking something that's likely to give her diabetes, mOuTh AiDs, purple crayolas, half the
people in her class, her mini lambo which is for ages 8+ and makes her feel like a gang leader.

Dislikes: fake depresso bitches, people who remind her vine is dead, fake heroes, people who take away her supply of outdated pringles, talking about her time before UA

Quotes: 'you are all disgusting uncultured rats, look at my fuggin heelies otherwise i will inhale your ballsacks whilst you sleep' 'would anyone be kind enough to
give this poor child some spare coochie' 'you're telling me the reason why you woke me up at the ass crack of dawn was because all of your classmates were kidnapped?
I thought this was important asshat, just because of that im gonna cover your desk with trap heetai. Stoopey Mr Aizawa.'

Basic Information concluded
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