Worst Youtuber Ever. (in my opinion.)

Worst Youtuber Ever. (in my opinion.)

Okay before anyone says ANYTHING! THIS IS MY OPINION AS IT SAYS IN THE TITLE and I wrote this because I felt sympathy for someone.

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Keemstar aka DramaAlert can die in a fire.

Alright you may be asking why I've made this video and if it was only because of what happened to Yamimash almost two months ago. Okay that's not it. Well that is part of it but from what I have been able to research this guy is just a bad dude. He accuses youtubers of being mostly ped0s which they are not. He made a 62 year old man cry on camera because he told people that this youtuber was a ped0 who was locked away in jail, just because they look alike.
Okay its very hard to make me feel sympathy but I actually almost cried when I saw the clip because it was just to sad. He also admitted that he does not like his fans and he's just doing this for the money. I'm honestly wondering why anyone believes what he says because if what he says is true then I pose one question: Where is your evidence!?!?
He said that Yamimash (yes Yamimash always will be my favorite youtuber, I love everything about his personality on camera. :) ) is a ped0 and sent nude pictures of himself to a girl my age because of what the girl said. Okay here's a few things wrong with that: 1. if someone was doing that to me I would not hesitate in telling my parents and the police. This girl claimed she didn't because "she had a mental problem". BS that's total BS and 2. if this were true she would have evidence of the pictures and concidering that no pictures have come up I'm assuming she's just making this up.
People make up sh*t online all the time so why believe her. He did admit he flirted with her a little because she said she was an older age which isn't the best cause he has a girlfriend, but he appologuised. Yami also mentioned that he was hacked and to be honest, I've been hacked before on FB and I couldn't access anything for a day but when I did I cleared up things that the hacker told my friends in a chat. He said things like: I got a black eye and someone mugged me so you can imagine my friends asking me what happened when I got to school the next day. But this guy just thrives off all the lies, and hates on everyone who does not agree with his opinion. He's pushy, arrogant, lies, and has no proof to the things he actually reports on. He is not a journalist and if you look around on youtube you can find actual evidence of the stuff I claim him to be. This man is the worst and I don't understand why people are still supporting him, he's a bully and causes fake rumors.
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