12 broken hearts.

12 broken hearts.

This is just a story about revenge so yeah :P lol and other stuff that I can't remember. BTW not all the girls mentioned in this have dated Brandon but I needed extra girls.

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His blue eyes.

His blue eyes.

Allie's P.O.V.
This is how our story begins. We all sat at a table. Me, Erika, Brandon, Dalton, Aj, and Maria. Alexis was always late. She got caught up with her other friends, a couple of boys she lives with, and loses track of time. Sonic, Shadow, and Knuckles had a thing for her so there was a lot of drama over there. Well there was always a lot of drama at school.  "Where's Alexis?" Dalton asked looking at his watch. We all shrugged as she ran over. "Sorry guys," She said sitting down next to Dalton at the very edge of the table. She waved to Sonic and he waved back blushing. I giggled to myself as Aj sent Alexis a death glare, although Alexis didn't notice. "Knuckles got his fist stuck in a pickle jar," Alexis said giggling. "How?" Maria asked looking at her. She shrugged drinking some Sprite. I noticed something strange, Brandon kept eyeing me. That was a mistake, a very, very, bad mistake. I smiled at him and he returned it. Alexis and Aj looked at each other as if having a silent conversation.
"Did you guys order yet?" Alexis asked as the waitress slid her a menu. We were at Stargazer's Coffehouse, one of our favorite places to hang out. "We've been waiting on you dude," Aj said smiling. Alexis smiled at her before scanning the menu. "Hey guys," Felicia said holding a notepad and pen. What do you want to drink? "An expresso," Dalton said maturely. "Chocolate milk," Maria and Erika said in unison. "Mango smootie," Alexis said. "Mountain Dew," Aj replied. "A chocolate shake," Brandon smiled. "A strawberry smoothie," I smiled at Felicia. She wrote it all down and left. Brandon smiled at me and I couldn't help but smile back. Alexis looked at her phone as it buzzed. "Who is it?" Dalton asked sipping his coffee as our drinks were brought infront of us. We all ordered and Felicia walked away again. "Its nothing," Alexis said sliding her phone under the table and into her purse. "Hey Alexis," Sonic smiled. He had a crush on Alexis and Aj but neither of them made a big deal about it. I noticed Brandon staring at me. I stared back, I couldn't help it, as our food came I couldn't eat, I just kept staring at his blue eyes.
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