Truths the Kardashians DONT want you finding out!

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Truths the Kardashians DONT want you finding out !!

The Kardashians are known for many things. Their extravagant lifestyle,  Or perhaps their hit reality tv show. However the show is far from the reality of the Kardashians. Because of their seemingly boring daily routines, each and every disaster, Breakup, Make up or muck up is all pre planned. But you probably knew all of that, right? how every single scene youve ever enad will ever watch is completely staged and faked. Hopefully you would have gathered from their terrible acting, infact so terrible Kim even won a prize.

Not to throw more dirt on your idols but you should really know how they are infact so famous. Not to give you any crazy ideas or wacky intentions but its all thanks to kims fantastic leaked tape. The (probably purposely) leaked porn tape also features her then rap boyfriend Ray J who no ones heard of. That guy from kims tape? Oh yeah, that guy kim dated for fame. and wow did she do well...

Perhaps its wrong of us to hate on the kardashians. Asides from none of them showing any knowledge of the first rule of math,Each individual one showcasing "strong leadership" and "entrepeneuring skills" (and other charming skills), But asides from that , are they role models in any other way.
Kylie didnt even attend her highschool, her mum Kris is rumored to of bribed the school but I think it turns out Kylie was attending online!- which is no way to do education. Not to mention Kylies outrageous family agreeing to her having PLASTIC SURGERY age 16. Oh and her not so secret relationship with another not famous rapper called Tyga whos about ten years older than she is! Kylie gets her fame from posting inappropriate and raunchy images on social media. Is she still your role model?
Lets try Khloe. Khloes the kind one whos different from the rest (looks included). Shes instantly loveable - Her secret? shes not even a Kardashian? Her biological father was kicked out of the picture and Rob decided to adopt Khloe and raise her as one of his own. How cute. Heres the not so cute part. Kris (the kardashians mother) got pregnant with khloe from the ongoing affair shed been having with her biological father. And really Khloe was only took in by Rob so as to hide the disgrace Kris had brought upon the well established family by having her affair. This affair was one of her many.

In all of this , theres one sibling who is all forgotten, incase your wondering he is infact a true kardashian, but has never been seen to act like one. Hes the only son and Boy and has lots of time on his hands. At the golden age of almost 30, he is infact jobless and spends a lot of time self loathing, complaining and relying on his mum. When he does talk its only to say that hes hungry , or that hes having a difficult time doing nothing but being a full time mammas boy in one of their many mansions!

To be continued next week.
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on October 12, 2015