love comes in many forms

This is the story of Todd. Todd feels like he may love someone. and the chances are great that they will never love him in return

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Chapter 1.

chapter one

        My name is Todd and, I've always been different  ever since I was in the third grade. At first I really didn't notice it... not until the first week sixth grade. You see this new guy, Isaac was his name, we soon became the best of friends. Then one day I came to school and... how do I explain this... well... he was... different? yeah, he was different. Now, he didn't act different, no,  he just well he just looked different... he looked hot even... I felt giddy, my stomach twisted up in knots, and I kind of liked it, it felt like going on a rollercoaster, and I didn't want this feeling to stop. He walked over to where I was standing.

        "Hey" He smiled at me. My knees went weak.
        "H-hey..." I managed to stutter out. 'What's wrong with me' I thought. I had never felt this way before.
        "dude, are you feeling alright? your face is bright red."
        "What?" was I blushing? "O-oh no I'm feeling fine, probably just a sunburn"
        "Oh. Well come on!" He grabbed my hand and led me toward the jungle gym.
        The roller coaster feeling left and I didn't want it to. But I continued to talk to Isaac and joke around and I soon forgot what had happened that morning.

        The next time I felt it, I was in the ninth grade just starting my freshman year. I was walking to algebra when I walked passed Isaac, my hand bumped his. I felt a sensation that I can't respectively describe... I guess to put it simply, it felt sort of like an electric shock, it tingled, it felt nice, and it felt safe. I was now old enough to know that this was love. but I was also old enough to realise...

                                                                                                             I'm gay.

        Well I'm ashamed to tell you I skipped Algebra and went straight to the unused storage room and had a full blown panic attack.
        'how can this be happening? I mean I'm a guy right? I'm supposed to like GIRLS! Can i just ignore it? Oh please god help me' I don't know how long I sat in that small room but I do know that at one point I began to cry. 'TODD STOP CRYING, JUST STOP CRYING, IT'S JUST A PHASE! Yeah, a phase! that's all, I'll pretend I'm sick, go home, go to sleep, and wake up the next morning and nothing will be wrong'
        Then someone began to open the door.'not Isaac' I silently pleaded 'please lord make it anyone but him' I look up to see the principal, standing there looking down at my tear streaked face

        "young mam what are you doing in here?"
        "well mam" I said in the most solid voice I could muster "you see I -" I began to cry again 'dammit Todd stop bawling, you're embarrassing yourself'
        "Oh, I see let's call you're paren-"
        "NO!!!" I burst, I didn't want my father to see me like this. " uh, I mean I can drive myself home, though, may I have a permission slip?"
        "of course"

        I drove home that day thinking about what I was going to tell my parents as to why I came home early. I sat on my bed and thought. 'I could tell them that I got sick... no, that wouldn't work they'd see I'm perfectly fine...' I hear the door open. 'crap!!' I only have seconds to think before my mom walks up the stairs. So I did the only thing I thought I could do, I jumped out my window.
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