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Rants (3)
All my rants. Could be videos, thoughts, anything. Just things I need to get out and express.
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Emotionally Driven Movie Reviews: Suic!de Squad
This is part one of an on going movie review series. The EDM review series is a highly biased review if movies. My opinions will be obvious, my logic will be flawed and my analysis pretentious. The subject of part one is none o...
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Why Autism Speaks is a terrible organization.
Autism Speaks is probably the most popular autism awareness group in the U.S., but many people do not know how harmful they are to autistic people. Please read this, I hope it changes your opinion on them.
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songs :D
on my newest page I made I have a thing where you pick a random song of the top of your head and ill put it on here :D
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Name Creator
Stuck on a name for an OC? Well you've come to the right place! This book will help you create a name!
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A Qfeast Social Experiment
I decided to see if the users of qfeast are as toxic as the rest of the people on the internet who hide behind their keyboards and tear others down. These are my findings.
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Laka Yara Language (Yara Language)
Na Laka language ra nonalvu huka ra walakkavu balakhu gibakavu Laka Yara Language namel hakavunapn ragi gilak ko llak melakgi lahultavu. (A language I made up I hope you type it and speak it to people do not judge.)
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Song of the Ocean
This is my poem for the literacy challenge at my school. Everyone is required to submit a poem, it must be on something that has to do with the environment. Criteria would be much appreciated, thanks!
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The Guide to Great Story Writing
Are you struggling in your attempts to create a fictional masterpiece? Delve into this simple guide and ensure the improvement of your story!
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My Original Songs!
So here I will be writing songs. Simple, I may do some covers too. Like how I would like the songs lyrics to go. I mainly focus on Rock. So picture it as that. Bye bye and enjoy.
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Story Idea Generator
Ever want to write a book, but have no idea where to start? This story can help!
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This is just a poem I put together about my thoughts on the beauty of nature. Hope you enjoy!
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An argument on Puppy Mills
One of the worst practices EVER would be making puppy mills. I've written an essay discussing the terrible acts done inside these terrible places, and a way to resolve them.
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Rants (2)
So, I've noticed that certain qfeasters make these "rants" and they become successful. Since the majority of these rant books are rather soft and pander quite nicely to their demographic, I will state MY opinions, I do not care...
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Medical Essays
For school, most of my essays are about medical procedures, especially controversial ones. I'll share them here.
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Rainbow Ranting
I will literally just rant about stuff here. I don't care if you read, this is more for maintaining m sanity... now where did I put my dignity?
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Random song lyrics
This is a story,with a bunch of random song lyrics,and so yeah,hope ya like it (:
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Speeches and other things
A collection of speeches and other things found on the internet I hope you enjoy
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