a journal of my sleepless night. I accidently deleted some of it though. that makes me sad

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Chapter 1.


Pivoting to the left, he took out one of many opponents.  His first kill in a while, he wished he had had a chance to prepare but oh well.  His sword wanted blood and there it was, all around him.  Blood was pooling around him now as he danced between enemies.  It was as if there actually was a god up there and he was crying blood!  Crying blood for all the sins that this young human had committed, a head rolled across the dirt, “ADD THAT SIN TO THE LIST FCKERS” he cried out.
Words.  Words are good.  You need them to write stories.  I cannot think of words at this time.  It is late.  I have not slept words are good and better to get when you are not tired.  I’m using a lot of auto-correction stuff.  Blurry-face should be renamed blurry-bitch because that is what he is.  A bitch.  This word document is now going to be a journal of my not sleeping thoughts.  It’s not even that late.  I just don’t sleep much ever.  Word wants me to stop using comma at the top apostrophe things.
Even JK Rowling’s’ quiz thinks I am weird.
I want internet
I’m out of drawing paper.
this is turning into a rant list
I still want a cat
The story from above is from a few days before the rest of this random crap.
But it was also sleep deprivation induced.
The depressingness of One and its video clip is timsed by 50 when you have seen the movie.  how the eff do you spell it a word?  have i been using a not real word my whole life!?  Wtf?  But eyy Shakespeare made up a shit ton of words so who cares.  4:35 into One.  That riff is the sound a car engine makes whilst the guy is having a flashback/dream in the movie.  fun fact for anybody who reads this should i put this on qfeast i never publish there so yea i will and hope it dosnt get deleted for being not a proper story.
I fcking love Metallica.
I feel like listening to a record but can’t be fcked setting it up and shit.
Shit is my laptop oh yea it is good charge it won’t die.
Can i be bothered doing this?  Eh, my mind is slowing down
I’ll coninue at random times or some shit thing idk aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhccccccccccccc oh shit i pressed c.
I love the music video for a little piece of heaven.
This is maybe now to become random statements.
Green is not a creative coulor

Let’s never be creative again
____ will make your teeth go grey
(I bet nobody get these references, they’re from don’t hug me I’m scared)
now  an inside joke for @Iscopee if this goes on qfeast…If you die my dartboard will eat you.
I’m amazed mu hasn’t yelled at me to turn down my music.
*staring  at  laptop*
Not even halfway through my Metallica XD
Well….I’ll stop this for tonight?  Yea k…this will be fun/interesting/hard/confusing to read tomorrow.
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Well then.
on November 25, 2016
on November 25, 2016