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Don't Worry It's Not Sunday Yet
A Twenty One Pilots fanfic that features a crap tonne of band members! Nathan has a fairly troubled past but after a serious incident and a trip to the hospital, his life is flipped on its head. TRIGGERS: SELF HARM SUICIDAL TH...
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War of the Clans- Warrior Cats
I've taken this out of my fanfic book to write properly, hope you enjoy! I changed the random character to my oc as well
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short storys
short storys of story stuff and fiction yo. yea. stuff. ords motherfuccker.
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A world where all gods exist, small group of people serve thm...stuff hapens
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a journal of my sleepless night. I accidently deleted some of it though. that makes me sad
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The Unnamed Feeling
Firstly brofist for anybody who gets the title reference! *brofist* anyway this is about some characters i've made up over the years, hop you enjoy! uh..MA15+ for violence, sex-ref and course language
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Time (1)
Another fanic i wrote a while ago, its doctor who! so yea, hope you like it!
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There goes tokyo
this is just a short story i wrote a while ago, it pretty good, i think...
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A Story
I cant think of a suitable title yetXD its violent and ya, it about jhon lace heres the start: General John (Johnny to his friends) Lace was an ordinary man, if you ignored the fact he was once part or the 2nd Earth Battalion. ...
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Fan-Fiction Mayhem!
Fan-Fics from multiple books and animes etc. all characters other than the main and any mentioned in notes are not mine, the are the creator of what i am witing the fan-fic from. I cant be bothered finishing this yet so yea, re...
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Hitler of the Nazi's 1
this is the first story in my Hitler of the Nazi's stories, hope you enjoy!
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