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I cant think of a suitable title yetXD its violent and ya, it about jhon lace heres the start: General John (Johnny to his friends) Lace was an ordinary man, if you ignored the fact he was once part or the 2nd Earth Battalion. Let’s say he was an ordinary ex-General. Lace didn’t have any hobbies for he thought they were risky “the other side would find me easy.” He said to me, how well that worked out.

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Chapter 1.

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“The Year was 1985 and all was well for me. I was part of the 2nd Earth Battalion, a bunch of kids who aspired to be part of Jim Channons 1st Earth Battalion the men who wouldn’t hurt a lamb, in fact they planned to take the poor things into battle!
We were more like the boy scouts  than an army but we still had fun, armed with rope, a c.d player and some top secret c.d’s designed to make the opposition think they were being stupid, I didn’t work.
For 5 years we went n journeys around the city, we were all 20 at that stage, that’s when Luke left. Luke was the backbone of the group, he held us together and was constantly pulling us off each other. He was a great man. I was his closest friend so he left leadership to me, one of the guys, Drew, hated that and left, taking the majority of the group with him leaving just me, Lex, Rita, Max and my least favourite, Sally. We made a group decision to split up, I kept in contact with Lex (who had married Rita) and one day when he was on a trip from L.A to Melbourne to see me the plane crashed. Nobody survived. Max got locked up in a mental asylum and Sally, who had nobody left, started following me everywhere.
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