Fan-Fiction Mayhem!

Fan-Fics from multiple books and animes etc. all characters other than the main and any mentioned in notes are not mine, the are the creator of what i am witing the fan-fic from. I cant be bothered finishing this yet so yea, read the start.

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Chapter 1.
The Day Of Fire- Skulldugery Pleasent

The Day Of Fire- Skulldugery Pleasent

I stepped out of the room and the heat tried to engulf me. i conjured up a barrier, diverting the air from hitting me. i quickly looked to my left then to my right to see if my mentor Sya* was around, if she saw me using magic i'd be dead meat! Thankfully she wasnt around I ran to the bus stop and got on. the bus finally stopped at my house, i got off and ran inside pushing past my parents and running up to my room, i got changed into the clothes Ghastly Bespoke had made for me and ran out the back door i pulled  out  my phone and called Nina,** "hi, you should really get a car or something" she whined, "WHAT THE HELL! DON'T RANDOMLY APPEAR BEHIND ME LIKE THAT!" I screamed at her "It works every time!" Nina collapsed on the floor laughing. "anyway, YOU are my car, get up, Sya will be waiting"
"Okay." I felt a sudden jerk and I was in the sanctuary. I turned around and threw-up  all over Nina "Don't worry, i'm used to it" she sighed. "Sorry, I really should get a car." Sya walked out the room opposite us, "what kept you so long? get in we have some cases we have to work on"

*Sya is my O.C, she used to train with   Geoffrey Scrutinage
**Nina is Fletcher Renn's child
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noo, poor LS D:
on October 16, 2015