There goes tokyo

There goes tokyo

this is just a short story i wrote a while ago, it pretty good, i think...

published on March 10, 20162 reads 2 readers 0 completed

the only chapter...

The darkness was suffocating and I could feel blood running down my face, Tokyo had fallen to ruins and I was locked in a metal box, Nikaso Kanng Had me prisoner and there was no escape, or so I thought…

I jumped from rooftop to rooftop, sword gleaming in my hands, I had no purpose but to kill, hired by the notorious Nikaso Kanng to take down Tasai Kanng, his own son. The only problem was Nikaso had took him before I could kill him and then he fired me, but I won’t quit, I’m going to bust Tasai out and kill him. I just had to hope he wasn’t already dead.
The security was easy to get past, Nikaso was so naive, he thought nobody would try and get him. Getting past his room would be harder though, I had to silently kill 8 guards. The first one was easy enough, a quick stab through his heart did the job, 2 and 3 were harder, they were standing next to each other, not to worry, I cut their heads off with one swipe. 4, 5, 6 and 7 all got a sword through the gut but 8 was hard, Kasuto Yagami*, one of the most famous samurai to live. I creeped up behind him but he spun around before I could do anything, our blades met and he overpowered me, I matched him by dragging my sword up his, almost taking his head clean off but he switched his blades position with mine, forcing me to retreat, I went in for another hit but he parried, it went on like that for what seemed like an eternity until he cut through my jacket, I loved that jacket, I pushed forward my attack knocking him off his feet and drove my blade though hi puny little head.
I continued walking until I got to the large doors that opened to the prison, it didn’t take me long to find the correct cell, it was the only on that I couldn’t see into. I stabbed my sword into the metal and sliced it open (as I said, the man was naive) and grabbed Tasai by the throat and held him up, about to go in for the kill but he twisted out of reach and forced me to let go of him, that kid had skill, he picked up his father’s decorative sword and swung towards me, I tried to parry but he was too fast and I already had blood running down my face. “YOU BASTARD!” I screamed at him, we fought for ages until he suddenly piped up, “why are you trying to kill me?”  
“It was my job,”
“But not anymore”

*A mixture of the anime/manga Kasuto from Sword Art Online and Light Yagami from Death Note.
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