War of the Clans- Warrior Cats

I've taken this out of my fanfic book to write properly, hope you enjoy! I changed the random character to my oc as well

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The Sunning Rocks

My muscles tensed and I pushed with my hind legs pouncing on the rabbit, food had been scarce this leaf-fall, Sandstorm would be proud, in fact, Firestar would be proud! This was my first solo mission as an apprentice and I had to make sure nothing went wrong! I killed it with a swift bite to the neck and took it back to Thunderclan camp. It took me 3 trips to gather all my fresh-kill and as I expected I was greeted by a warm from Sandstorm and a grateful nod from Firestar. "You have done well Sightpaw." Sandstorm acknowledged
"Thank you, I wouldn't have done as well if it wasn't for you mentoring me!" The she-cat smiled at me, "you still have far to go." She walked off to join the patrol with the other warriors. I walked back to my den, my den-mates Fangpaw, Glowingpaw and Batpaw* were still out, I sat down and ate my piece of fresh kill, it tasted so much better knowing I had killed it myself. I drifted off to sleep on my full stomach.
I awoke with a start, "Get up! Sandstorm will  be waiting!" Batpaw was standing over me shaking me, crud! "OH NO! I CANT BE LATE" I rudely shoved Batpaw out the way and ran outside, almost knocking over Sandstorm. "Sorry that I'm late! It won't happen again!" she sighed and shook her head "Don't tell me Batpaw pranked you again, it's another hour till your training session, oh well we may as well start early since your here." I couldn't believe he'd pranked me again, what was this? the 4th time? I had to stop falling for it.
The trip there was uneventful but that all changed when we arrived. I sniffed at the familiar smell. "Sandstorm! There are Riverclan markers everywhere! Are we at the Sunning Rocks?" I couldn't believe my nose! Why were we here? Riverclan border patrols were always around here! "Don't worry we have warriors on their way. We are just checking that the coast is clear. Stay here, I will run back and tell the others it is safe" I nodded confidently but inside I was riddled with fear 'Get a hold of yourself' I muttered under my breath. Suddenly I smelt the strong scent of Thunder-clan Warriors. "START MARKING OUT THE TERRITORY, RIVERCLAN IS ON THEIR WAY!" An unknown voice boomed. Dozens of warriors ran past me, knocking me off my feet. "Watch out, don't just stand there do something!" Sandstorm Called out encouragingly. I ran over to the sunning-rocks to keep a look out for warriors. Oh no. They were already here! "RIVERCLAN WARRIORS!" I screamed as loud as I could, low growls erupted from my clanmates as they turned to face the opposition. I snuck into the shadows, my sent dispersed from mingling around riverclan's sent markers, I snuck around them (getting my paws wet in the process) and readied myself, a yeow pierced the silence, marking the start of the battle, my first battle! As riverclan rushed forward I followed, their apprentices at the back, I jumped and took down a small she-cat and spun around to meet another larger apprentice, he looked ready to become a warrior! I tripped him over and slashed at his stomach, he got up and ran off.
I was confused as to why we were fighting, they hadn't done anything wrong? surely there was a reason behind this! I knew the Sunning Rocks were always fought over but this battle was bloody, were fights over this place usually so big?

*all random characters, enjoy them while they last
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