The Unnamed Feeling

Firstly brofist for anybody who gets the title reference! *brofist* anyway this is about some characters i've made up over the years, hop you enjoy! uh..MA15+ for violence, sex-ref and course language

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Chapter 1.

Quinlen Boyce, that guy with the suit and stuff

Step and 1, 2, 3, 4 to the side and spin 3, 4...constant repetition following the beat....chorus! Cross behind, forward, spin....stop! and continue into....uh....continue? The music had stopped, the beat that lead Quinlen was gone. "Shit" He'd almost perfected it. He sighed, walking into the hallway. "powers out" he muttered to himself, nimbly ruining down the stairs, "power out? No! the player runs on batteries" He ran back to the room "I just changed the batteries..." the record player, a nice piece, put together by an old friend for Quinny, claw marks, deep slashes through the body, plunging into its heart. "NOT HERE! NOT FUCK1NG NOW WULFRIC!" tightening his gloves he slowly spun around, right arm outstretched, fingers ready to go, mind trying to find anther to hook onto. growls from the shadows, both men locating the target simultaneously but who would be quicker on the draw?
Minds locked, Wulfric under Quinlen's control, "now dance for me my puppet!" Quinlen flicked his hand forward, launching Wulfric into the far wall..."index finger, right arm, middle finger left leg, ring finger left leg and pinkie left arm" Wulfric's human mindset coming back, "With a ..hagggr.. perfect connection complete control taken" he managed to growl
"even words can be twisted with a strong friendship"
"such as ours old friend"
"yes, not that I would do that to you"
"heh, sorry about...this" Wulfric, now more human than wolf, gestured at the mess he had caused. Quinlen shook his head and chuckled "trust me, it's been worse" he dropped the metal link and let his arm rest by his side. "anyway, what bring you here? and why in well"
"wolf form?"
he scratched his neck awkwardly "I was actually on the run and..." Quinlen noticed the pool of blood around Wolfric's feet "oh dude..."
"It's uh...nothing"
"realy?" sarcasm flooding his words
"aww shit your right....Sarice?"
"yea...get in the car"
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