This is just a poem I put together about my thoughts on the beauty of nature. Hope you enjoy!

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Chapter 1.
The beauty

The beauty

Nature is beautiful
Take the autumn tree
So full of color, so full of life
It never seizes to amaze me

The laughter of a child
A newborns face
You can find beauty
In every place

Everything is beautiful
In it's own unique way
Hearing a bird sing
Really makes me gay

How a snowflake is so perfect
Yet still so precious
You can find Earth's creatures
In the tiniest of crevice

The blueness of the sky
The greenness of the grass
But now Earth is being destroyed
By poisonous gas

From the cold, Arctic glaciers
To the miracle of the rainbow
Everything nature is
I can't bare to see it go

In relation Earth is small
Even though it seems big
There could be millions of creatures
On a tree's twig

If you wake up a morning
And hear a song of a bird
Sit for a while, and listen
Without saying a word

The ocean is a great place
For one to go and explore
A place where everything is equal
Where nothing is rich nor poor

Destroying nature is evil
One of the worst kind
Yet people pass it everyday
And claim that they are blind
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