Rants (3)

Rants (3)

All my rants. Could be videos, thoughts, anything. Just things I need to get out and express.

published on October 10, 201621 reads 15 readers 3 not completed
Chapter 1.
Jack Rant

Jack Rant


I'm moving to f*cking Ireland and I'm going to become Jack's best friend. I'm going to make him happy again. He's done so much for the channel and everything and he still feels like he's letting people down and he's not! He's NOT!! He makes me happy when I'm sad he lifts me up just to see him happy. He thinks he's not doing well but he IS! He's doing so f*cking well in life. Doesn't he see that?

Just listening to this video really breaks me. It hurts and I'm legit really trying not to cry. I can... understand him. I get it. I get it.

He thinks he's letting us down. He says he misses other people and that motivation. And I want to help him with it so bad. Like.... he seems like a friend. Like someone I know. Someone I can understand and get along with. To me he's like a friend I've never met.

I want to meet him in real life. And even if I did and I could tell him all these thoughts, everything he's doing right, that he's doing what he can and that's enough... I know it may not be enough for him.

I feel... I feel honored that he shares this all with us. With all us in the community. But I hate it when he's... sad. Like, he's so insecure about how he's doing and how the community is. He cares so much about it all and I hope he sees that he really is doing a phenomenal job.

He doesn't see how well he's doing. He doesn't see how I watch every f*cking video of his. I have to. He makes me so f*cking happy and I know people tell him that and everything but to me... me it's like he's my special little escape.

He's the same person to me. He's happy. He's honest. He's positive. He hasn't changed in all the years I've watched him.

He helps me get through my day. He helps me keep on living. He reminds me that there's something good in each and every day.

I feel like what he says is my own thoughts sometimes.

I cling to what he says and I listen to his vlogs over and over. And I know he's trying hard to be so happy but sometimes... sometimes when he plays a game you can still see that sadness behind his blue eyes.Or... just the thoughts rushing through his little green head that he needs to get out.

And we have to remember; he's still a person. He's HUMAN. He takes time out of his own damn day to upload two videos everyday. For what? For US.

He's a human. And he does this for us. People expect so much of him and he's doing a great job trying to keep those expectations up... but we need to remember.

He's a human.

He's doing the best he can. And that's all we can ask for. To me? His best is MORE than enough.

Jack, you're doing great. You're doing MORE than great. You're doing phenomenal. This community? We're proud of you. We really are.

You don't need to worry about failing us, Jack.

You're succeeding in ways we never could have imagined.
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Comments (3)

Chapter 2 is CONPLETELY understandable.
I'm the same way ;-;
on October 11, 2016
Chapter 1 is something I can REALLY agree with. I wish Jack/Sean wouldn't let himself down like that...
Same here! And I'm so glad that there's someone out there who can agree with me. I hate how he gets all down on himself when he really is doing a great job.
on October 10, 2016
on October 10, 2016