Laka Yara Language (Yara Language)

Laka Yara Language (Yara Language)

Na Laka language ra nonalvu huka ra walakkavu balakhu gibakavu Laka Yara Language namel hakavunapn ragi gilak ko llak melakgi lahultavu. (A language I made up I hope you type it and speak it to people do not judge.)

published on April 28, 201615 reads 8 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.

Yara Alphabet 1

Yara Alphabet 1- Na Yi,  Sa  L, Vu,U,Ta,Wa,Ra,La,Pin/Pn,O,No,Me,Lak,Ka,Je,I,Ha,Gi
English Alphabet- A  B    C    D  E   F  G    H    I     J      K       L  M    N    O   P   Q R  S   T    
                                  U  V W    X   Y   Z
Example of word: Ate in Yara Alphabet 1 Nagivu A=Z T=gi E =vu
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