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Laka Yara Language (Yara Language)
Na Laka language ra nonalvu huka ra walakkavu balakhu gibakavu Laka Yara Language namel hakavunapn ragi gilak ko llak melakgi lahultavu. (A language I made up I hope you type it and speak it to people do not judge.)
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Good Morning Qfeast
Good Morning Qfeast. if you like Good Morning Qfeast please subscribe to the Good Morning Qfeast Page.
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Stuck In School The End
I have got full permission to copy this and post it on qfeast if you have not read the first book of Stuck in school if I was u I would before you read any further. Hope you enjoyed the first book but it is not done yet there i...
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Qfeast World News hope you enjoy this newspaper this is not going to be daily or weekly it is mainly whenever.
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Stuck In School
(Book 1) This is a story about a school which gets rebuilt to high tec and a child. The school as only buildings and no playground or oval but wait till you see what's inside. Read the book if your interested. *I have permissi...
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