Our Common Abuse of Animals and How to Reverse It

Our Common Abuse of Animals and How to Reverse It

This is meant to be an informative writing about stray animals in America.

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Humans have to start taking responsibility for what we have done to Animals.

The domestication of animals had been happening for a long time. By no means an I saying that the domestication of animals is a bad thing, but it certainly had lead to some bad things. Stray Domesticated animals are everwhere. In a lot of cases they are treated badly (especially in the case of stray cats). Stray card specifically have become a comman nuisance, almost equivalent to something like a racoon who knocks over your garbage at night. In a world where a have bread these animals to be out companions, breeding out some of their ability to survive in the wild, we treat strays as something that can't be avoided. No domesticated animal should be without a home, without love, without food and we as the species that have some this to them have the responsibility to care for the ones that have been discarded. I think that everyone should i their part to rescue the strays. If course you must be educated on the proper way to do this. Here are some tips on how to rescue a stray cat:

Step #1: If you have found a stray cat remember they are preditors. They will defend themselves if they think they are being attacked (of you try to pick them up they might think you are attacking, etc.) You must take caution. Keep a distance at first so the animal feel safe.

Step #2: Approch low to the ground, slowly. If you have any sort of food you could feed to the cat being it along. (Canned car food, canned dog food, car treats, meats) (try to stay away from foods that are bad for them ie, sweets) try laying some on the ground and backing away. If you can gain the animals trust your job will be much easier.

Step #3: if the animal will allow you close to them try offering your hand for them to smell. Don't go right in and try to pet them. If you allow them to smell you you might further gain their trust. If they are hissing violently back off and give them some room.

Step #4: if yoh have gained the animals trust enough for them to let you pet them spend some more time with them. Don't go right into try to capture them. Pet them for a while, let them trusy you further.

Step #5: test to see if they will let you pick them up. Gentally out your hands under their body. If they seen alright with it you can try, but still remain cautious. If you have a cat carrier with you this is ideal. Set it down infront of them and try to coax them inside.

Step #6: when you finally have them take them either a shelter or a vet. If you don't mind paying the vet fees (most people would) you can get them checked out for rabbies and any other vaccines they might need. It is best to try and find them a home in your own first (not at a shelter) most shelters are kill shelters when it comes to cats because there are so many strays. Try your best to find them a home independently. If this fails then the shelter can try. If you don't want to pay the vet bills then the shelter will care for the animal.

A word of caution. If you think an animal might be injured it is more Likely to attack of it feels vulnerable. If this is the case you might want to call your local shelter to help the animal.

Here is some helpful equipment: (I have taken to having a lot of this in my car so I am prepared when I see a cat while driving)
-cat carrier: this can also be used for other stray or hurt animals.
-Canned cat/dog food
-Safety gloved: tough gloves help to protect against bites or scratches.

If you find a stray cat and your are a child it is best to tell a parent. Cats can carry diseases. If they want to leave the cat alone please urge them to rescue it. Many people have this mentally today, but that's what I'm trying to change. In all stages of your life please be weary of what domestication has lead to and please do what you can to reverse it.
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