Legacy 3: Soap edition

Legacy 3: Soap edition

Hey guys, this is my story, legacy. The third part! Written with my new soap line

published on April 25, 202114 reads 9 readers 1 not completed

Loe Soaps

Hi! Ayumi Loe here. Today I will be presenting you my new business, Just Loe Things!

I have created many things for this business- such as my new soaps! The ones i’ve made so far are Loe Smoke, Smoker hole, Smoker Hole Mole, Smoker Loe, Ayumi Loe, Mini Moles, Ayumi Smoker Hole, Ayumi Mole, Ayumi Jizzy, Lochelynne Shinozaki, Lochelynne Mole, Chin dot, and one exclusively for my brother, Alaric, who recently got sent to area 51 for being an element on the periodic table, called Acidic Loe. We also made another one for Alaric called 3:51 because 3:51 AM is when the FBI came into The Loe House and shoved lights into our smoker holes and carried Alaric away. I also wrote a new Legacy book with these soaps!

If you want 50% off of these purchases, type code LOESMOKE0 and you get 50% off of all purchases! And, you will get secret footage of me transforming into Ayumi Smoker Hole, and the video the FBI filmed of them carrying away Alaric and shining a light into my smoker hole if you donate 85 dollars!

Thank you, my Mini Moles! #JustLoeThings #PrayForAlaric
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Comments (1)

Lol that's funny.
You even used the extra bullshit
on April 25, 2021