Smash Bros character concepts

Smash Bros character concepts

Some ideas I have for new additions to the roster in super smash bros. Ideas will include attacks, final smashes, alternate skins, etc. I'll add more characters when I get enough ideas for attacks and stuff for them.

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Chapter 1.
Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot

Yep, everyone's favourite cheezel-coloured marsupial boi definitely deserves a spot on the smash roster. He's right up there with the most iconic gaming characters.

Character: Your standard crash, with his design from N. sane preferably. Having Aku Aku always floating with him would be a nice touch.

Attack ideas:
TNT crate - Crash throws down a TNT crate, which begins to count down from 3 to explode. Explosion deals damage and smashes characters away.
Nitro crate - Same as TNT crate, but it explodes instantly. Damages Crash himself since he doesn't have time to get away, which is the downside.
Wumpa Bazooka - Pretty self explanatory. Crash charges and shoots a wumpa fruit out of his bazooka.
Spin - Of course this had to be here. Works the same way as in his games.
Standard punches and kicks would be there too probably.
Grab: just a regular grab with his hands

Taunt ideas:
- Juggles wumpa fruits, one splatters on his face. He wipes it off and the taunt ends.
- Does the Crash dance.
- Does an exaggerated yawn and rubs his nose.
- Tosses a wumpa fruit at Aku Aku, who briefly scolds him.

Reskin ideas:
Fake Crash, Evil Crash or his leather jacket from warped could be alternate skins, with recolours of those filling the slots.

Final smash:
Crash enters the state he does in the games after collecting three Aku Aku masks; he glows gold and Aku Aku attaches to his face. He becomes completely invincible. As for what happens after, I don't really know. I ran out of ideas¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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