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Reader X Yandere-Chan

I finally had an idea so I'm getting it down before I forget like the dumbass I am This is my first (proper) story so enjoy ^^

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Chapter 1, aka I have no idea what to call this

Chapter 1, aka I have no idea what to call this

"Alright, I'll see y'all tomorrow." You wave to your friends as you exit the building. 'Finally, schools over.' you think. Putting in your earbuds, you play your favorite track as you walk home. On the way, you start to feel weird. Like your being watched. You take one out, stop, and look around. Nothing looks too out of place... "Must have been a cat or dog or something" you reason with yourself. Slipping it back in, you continue walking home. But you still can't shake the feeling that something's watching you, and it's much, much more than just a cat...
Arriving at home, you set your backpack on the nearest chair, and go to your room to get changed. As you do, you thought you heard a camera click. "Nahhh..." You say as you finish, and go flop onto the couch and flick on the TV. But there's still that lingering feeling like your not alone in your home... "Gaaah... stop it brain! I'm alone, and if there was anybody else with me, I would know" you reassure yourself. That doesn't help though. But you become engrossed in the show, and completely forget about that feeling.

*Timeskip brought to you by a chibi Y/N asleep on the couch with the TV on*

The distant sound of your alarm going off wakes you up. Looking around, you wonder why your on the couch. Then you remember: you fell asleep watching TV last night. Getting up, you go back to your room to change into your school outfit. After getting changed, you grab your backpack off the chair, get your jacket, and head out, putting in your headphones. 'There it is again...' you think, 'that feeling...' you can't help but glance around as you walk, stopping suddenly looking at the bushes. Nothing's there, but you could've sworn you saw some black hair sticking out of the top. Shaking your head, you continue. Once you arrive, you see your friends and walk over. Nobody's got anything suspicious. West went to the racetrack, but nothing else remotely interesting. You all stood around and talked until the bell rang for class. As you went to class, you couldn't help but notice somebody staring at you. 'Black hair, ponytail, tallish, she's kinda cute'. But when you look directly at her, she turns and runs. 'Weird...' you thought, but didn't have time to spare thinking about it as you made it into class just as the bell rang.
        As you took your seat, the teacher started to call roll. "Tequila?" "Here." "Manuel?" "Here." "Amanda?" "Yep." "Y/N?" "Present." you say. "Jerry?" "Right here." "Matt?" "Yo!" You looked around as the teacher finished calling roll, and started teaching. Some people were paying attention and taking notes, some had their heads down, presumably asleep, and, others were quietly talking boredly. "This teacher never notices a thing..." you hear someone say audibly. No response from the teacher though. Either they don't care, or they seriously don't hear them. Whatever, you think as you lean back and relax.

*Timeskip brought to you by a chibi Y/N watching as a chibi teacher is pelted with paper balls*

The bell rings, and the teacher finally shuts up, sitting down, preparing for their next class. Meeting up with your friends, you go to lunch, grabbing your food and sitting at your usual table. As you eat, you listen to West and Jez Fujo argue. "I don't care what you say" West says, with a mouth full of food, "You can't deny that guns are better than knives!" "Guns are definitely useful, but knives are better! Their silent, and untraceable." Oh, don't even start! With a knife, you have to get right up in somebody's face, or right damn behind them, and by then, chances are they'll have noticed you! With a gun, you can snipe them from a distance, or riddle them with an SMG, or simply blow their heads off with a shotgun! With a knife, your choices are very limited on how you kill someone, and that's just boring." "So what? You can't conceal a gun as well as you can a knife." "Yes you can though!" "No you can't!" "Yes you can, plus, a gun won't stab you in the leg if it's in your pocket!" "But they can shoot you!" "You know there's something called a safety, right?" Rolling your eyes, you look around as you continue eating. Your eyes rove over the lunchroom, but stop as you spot somebody watching you. Before you can get a good look though, they run away. Shrugging, you resume listening. "You can quickly kill a whole room of people with a knife!" Jez shouts "That's what a shotgun or machine gun is for!" "A drill is a variant of a knife, and you can use those to tear down a building if you wanted!" "That's what you use an RPG or Bazooka for!" You finished, stood and dumped your tray, and sat back down. "Uhm, guys?" Saige piped up from her book "Can't we just agree that knives and guns are equally good?" "No!" West and Jez said at the same time. Rolling her eyes, she returned to her book, saying "Whatever. Keep arguing, I don't care." They were about to continue arguing, but just then, the bell rang, and they had to go to their next class.

*Timeskip brought to you by a chibi Y/N eating popcorn and watching chibi West and chibi Jez arguing, while a chibi Saige reads*

Once the final bell rang, you all packed up, and went out to meet our friends. You saw West and Jez eyeing each other while Saige stands between them. "Calm down you two! Both guns and knives are equally good!" Saige said. "No their not!" the other two shouted. With a sigh, you walked up to them. "They still arguing?" "Yep" Saige responds. "Will you two give it a rest already?" You say, helping Saige keep the two apart. "This ain't over!" Jez shouts as Saige pulls her away. You drag West away, who is letting out a never-ending string of curse words.  After getting the situation defused, you wave to all of them, and start on your usual journey home, earbuds in. There's that feeling once again, except stronger. Looking around, you see someone quickly dart into some bushes on the other side of the road. You take out your earbuds, and slowly approach. The bushes start to rustle. Pushing through, you see the girl from earlier, cowering and looking up at you with a look that said 'oh shit, I'm busted...' "I-It's you! From earlier in the halls" You say. "I-I think you might be confusing me with somebody else!" "No, I know it's you! I'm Y/N" You say, offering a hand to help her up. "I know! I mean- I'm Ayano!" She says, taking it. "Ayano Aishi!" Once she's on her feet, she brushes herself off, staring at you. "So um, yeah! Thanks for the help, but uh, I have to go to, uh, aaaaaa doctors appointment! Yeah! A doctors appointment! Erm- b-bye, senpai!" She waves awkwardly and runs away. 'Weird...' you think as you slip your earbuds back in and continue home. Today has been a strange day...

(That's the end of the first chapter. Lmk down in the comments if I should try and continue, or just scrap this obvious failure of a story)
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Jez: My character has been portrayed well *she laces her fingers together* good job!
15 days ago