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Stories ^_^
Just a random collection of stories i decided to do Will be taking requests if anybody wants me to do anything
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I'm bored, so I'm taking story requests. I'll do ships, funny stuff, lemons, sad stuff, gore, nfsw, anything, just give me something
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Insanity (Sam's Story)
Samantha's story of hardships she had faced. There may be harsh language and moments.
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The wrong side of heaven
My sister keeps begging me to make a story about Charlotte... So looks like im making Charlie's origin... Or something... I suck at writing heh heh... But hey enjoy I guess ...
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Dare, ask, or COmment :D
You asked for it you got it I finally Dragged along someone who is not pleased along with a small plushie that comes with her... Introducing Sam.EXE and Flare doll
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Ask or Dare Time >:)
Well I finally did it I really gonna do it I gathered Samantha, Jackie, Flare, and Eve They didnt agree but who cares!
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My own Writing
Okay just a bit of writing on my escapes and some okay stuff... Im Alright I jush need people to understand my reasons for what I do
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The Hidden Oc Files
All My ocs in one place Good time I can add a few extra stuff and We can have a better understanding of who they are and why they are here... Enjoy please...
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Just one story
Some what Bloody and scary I do not suggest to People who get scared easy and afraid of dismembering people not meant for faint of heart... Sorry People who read this and Are traumatized or Anything in between. (excuse some of...
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Fanfic #1)  Gasoline
This is my first Fanfic So Don't expect anything good haha... Maybe Help me out with Feedback.Tom is Jess's Older brother in this One. Here's some background: Jess overdosed and Had to go to the hospital her family is worried a...
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Once upon a night...
Okay so Im just gonna write something now and make sure i can run a good story before I start making Some characters Backstories
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THe story of how we all got to moias
Sorry it took a year and I forgot about it so now Im sad because I didnt come around to it so sorry and I hope to be forgiven (its really bad sorry X( )
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About Flare
I HATE BOREDOM! Ok so I decided to make something about Flare My... 4th no 3rd oc
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About Casey
Get to know my 2nd Oc I have made in.. I have no Idea how long just haven't decided to make one for her yet so I mad dis
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