Insanity (Sam's Story)

Insanity (Sam's Story)

Samantha's story of hardships she had faced. There may be harsh language and moments.

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Chapter 1.
School attack

School attack

Today started off normal my mother waking me up with a gentle shake on my shoulder. She told me to get up and put my uniform on. So I did so dressing into my uniform. As I was pulling up my tall socks I heard my name being called. "Samantha! Your gonna be late!" I grabbed my dress shoes, after braiding my long Gold hair, and ran down the stairs. Lilliana, my younger sister, was already dressed in her uniform was already munching on a piece of toast with strawberry jam.  My mom was sitting beside her, pulling back my sister's long black hair. I went to make toast when I saw the bus from the corner of my eye. And I raced out putting my shoes on and grabbing my bag. "Bye Mum, Bye Lills" and before they could respond I raced out the door and ran inside the bus. The bus driver gave me a warm smile as I went to the back seat and plopped down in a seat, smiling to myself. "Today is gonna be a good day" I told myself.
Not knowing what today was gonna bring. I leaned against the window and watch the wonderful neighborhood flew by as the bus went to the next stop and the next.
When we got to school I ran off the bus. I Went inside to see the normal white brick walls of the school's interior. I grinned as I walked to my locker where my girlfriend,Rose, stood looking very irritated. I walked to my locker and said. "Hi Rosebud" Rose went on one of her usual rants about my Brother Hart. "He's such a creep Sammy! I can't believe he's your older brother, he is so damn!!! Ugh!!" I gave Rose a hug and tried to calm her down. "Rosie... Calm down..." I said holding her closely. She seemed to calm down a tad. "Everything will be okay darling... I won't let him do anything to you flower" she looked up at me her deep green eyes sparkling in the florescent school lights. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and smiled. "Okay Sammy I get it"she says. I release her noticing Several people staring at us. Guess they never seen a same sex couple. Anyways I grabbed my books and walked Rose to our First class of the day.
Later Durning math as Rose is bent over her paper we hear an announcement say. "Teachers and Students we appolijize for this disruption but we are putting the school on Lockdown I repeat Lockdown lights out, out of sight." Rose's eyes went slightly wide as the teacher raced to the door and locked the door. "Everyone in the closet, hurry now"
We all raced to the closet me and rose sat closely together in the front. Rose was scared she never really liked these so I wrapped my arms around her shivering body.When the teacher came in we all shut our mouths and looked towards our professor. He silently took attendence when we heard shots fire. Rose burries her face into my chest and I felt my face get hot. I pet her gently as she silently cried into my chest.
*Time skip*
I have no idea how long it has been but it feels like forever. More shots were fired and then someone opened the classroom door. Rose hugged me tighter. I squeezed her right as the closet door swung open. A man stood in the doorway.he wore all black and looked down at Rose and me and smiled eerily. I glared at him released Rose and lunged at the man scratching him and biting him. Abd then he aimed his gun at me. Someone took the gun and grabbed my hair. Rose screamed. "Leave Sammy alone!"  The person that took the gun shot the shooter and left him to bleed out. "Oh? So this..."The person yanked my hair up causing me to look up at Rose. "Is Samantha?" Everyone in the classroom was murmuring. "So it is her... Well then  I'm taking her with me..." The person let my hair go right as I was gonna crawl they picked my up and slung me over their shoulder. I started telling and pounding on their back. "Put me down!!" The person didn't like this they growled at me. "Shut.. up lil girl" I didn't stop. They then shouted. "Goddammit!" And shot someone. I stopped kicking and i heard someone shouting. "YOU MURDERER YOU KILLED MY SISTER" I knew this voice. Rose's brother. My eyes started to feel sore as hot tears streamed down my face. My... My Rosebud... Is dead.
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