THe story of how we all got to moias

THe story of how we all got to moias

Sorry it took a year and I forgot about it so now Im sad because I didnt come around to it so sorry and I hope to be forgiven (its really bad sorry X( )

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Chapter 1.


Samantha was walking down the street when she heard a familiar voice. “Sammy Wait Up”
Samantha turned around and saw John Running to catch up to her. She Smiled warmly and said. “ Hey John whats up?”When He finally caught up  he returned her smile. I am Good How about you. Samantha sighed. “Im OK Casey IS just spending a lot of time alone in her basement And Im starting to worry about her… But She’ll be fine I believe.” Samantha shrugged and continued walking.
Samantha closed her eyes and had an image appear. It was disturbing to her comforting to some. Her brother was soaked in blood and she and lilly stood there crying and hugging each other. The way sisters do. She felt a tear roll down her cheek. “Sammy Are you Okay?” She Opened her eyes and wiped the tear away. “Yes John Im just fine…” She sounded hollow even to herself. She has hurt him badly and regretted it. And she stopped and tears burst from her eyes. “No Im not Okay John!” She sobbed. John Walked up to her and gave her a hug. “It’ll be okay Sammy” he patted her on the back trying to comfort her but it was no use she just sat there crying non-stop about her dead brother’s image

Later that day, Liliana was talking to some friends over Facebook when she heard a knock. Much like Samantha’s knock. Liliana Got up and walked over to the door and opened it In the Doorway stood a girl she looked about 17 with jet black hair and blue eyes. “You must Be Liliana!” She exclaimed shaking Liliana's hand. “Um Who Are You Miss?” Liliana asked confused. THe girl giggled “Oh Me Im Alexie! Samantha’s friend.” Liliana Grinned half halfheartedly “Where is Samantha Alex?” She asked and Alex shrugged. “Last I saw she was with John… heh yeah she was crying because She saw her brother dead poor girl” She shook her head.
Liliana's pupils dilated "She saw what?!" "an Image of Hart Dead you and she were crying and hugging each other as you both grieved his death. Liliana shook her head "No,No no no This cant be happening!!" Alex didn't reply she just stared at the ground. "He's gonna die soon Lili..." Alex's voice said hollowly. Liliana frowned "This is bad this is really bad!"
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