X Reader stories

These are some X reader stories I've done on Quora, and I'm transfering them over to here, hope the one or two readers who will actually read this enjoy

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X Reader stories
Chapter 1.

Marceline X Reader

Your just kinda walking, not up to anything at the moment, besides listening to Ballad Of A Menace, by CPO Boss Hogg, and MC Ren. “This is a ballad of a menace, Ren will finish and diminish, all the suckers that thought they could flow like me that was in this, society wishes for my death, or my downfall, but they're playin theyself, as if they playin’ some roundball, cause I'm terrorizin, the territory I'm steppin on, endangerin’ citizens while I'm keepin my weapon on,” you sing, not really paying any attention to what’s going on around me. Ignoring all the people watching something zoom around in the air, you continue walking. The track ends, and the song switches to Get At Me Dog, by DMX. “Let’s take it back to the streets, motherf(bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep)” And in comes the track. “Yeah, we right here dog. Where my dogs at?” Then right behind you, another voice playfully joins in “We right here, dog!” “Where my do-” You look around, confused, but see nothing. Shrugging, you pull out my phone and switch songs, now listening to 50/50, by Wiley. “Yo, I’m 50/50, nifty nifty, got the best steel, nobody can twist me, everytime somebody try to shoot me, I flip the board, they miss me miss me, they don't wanna two fist me, fist me, I’m quick, I used to kick ball with [???], and now, I fly through the air like a Frisbee, or paper aeroplanes, see my life is risky” Unaware that there’s another voice singing along with you, you keep walking. Eventually, the song ends, but the voice continues. You turn back again, but don’t see anything. you shake your head, and turn around once more, and see a face floating upside down in front of you, grinning, hands on her chin.

You yell, and fall backwards, landing with a thud, while they flip right side up and stare at you. Picking yourself up off the ground, putting your hood back up. “What in the- Who are you?” “Your future wife” She says, giggling. Your eyes widen in shock “Wait, what?” She grabs your hand and flies off with you, blowing your hood off again. You look around as she keeps hold of your hand, taking in the night sky, feeling the cool air whipping around your face. You finally look up to get a proper look at her. “That’s a hell of a lotta hair…” You tell yourself… You look at her long-ass socks, short blue skirt, white top, short red jacket… “Err…”  You say, having absolutely no idea what to say. She looks down at you, grins evilly, and lets go. “He-” You yell as you fall towards earth. As you see the rolling hills below you rapidly approaching, You start to think ‘This is NOT how I thought I would go out...’ Then, a woosh of black and red, and you find yourself floating about a foot off the ground, in the arms of your dropper.Finally getting a good look at her face, you notice her black eyes, pale skin, and- “Vampire!” you yell, accidentally rolling out of her arms and falling to the ground. Quickly standing up, you start backing away. “A-ay, ay, look, you don’t want my blood, trust me, I’ve tried it and it tastes horrible!” She starts walking forward, matching your pace. “Y/N?” “S-seriously, it tastes like-” “Y/N!” “-mixed with dog feces, it is NOT something you want to drink!” “Y/N!” “L-like for real, it does NOT taste goo-” She slaps a hand over your mouth, quieting you. “I’m NOT gonna drink your blood, you dolt!” “Yieur noot?” you say, muffled. “No!” She slowly uncovers your mouth “Then what is this all about?” “I’ve been watching you, and I want you to marry me!” Your eyes widen, and no longer conscious, you fall backwards. She groans, and sits next to you

Hours later, you wake up, and look around, not seeing her. “Baah… that was a weird-ass dream… somebody actually loved me…” You laugh once, then sigh ”Ugh… I’m gonna just lay here for a minute, regain use of all my senses before headin’ home.” You let my upper body fall back, only for your head to land in what felt like a soft valley “What the-?” You look around, and see your head now resting in her lap, her glaring at you. “So you thought you were dreaming?” “Yeah, why?” you say “Why would it seem like a dream?!” “Hum, let’s see, I get picked up by a cute girl out of nowhere, get flown all the way out here, and then it turns out she’s a vampire, which makes things even better yet worse at the same time! Plus the fact that she wants me to marry her! ME! Of all people! When there are way hotter and way cooler guys out there who would gladly have her!” Her expression softens “I’ve… I’ve been watching you for awhile… Your not like all the other guys/girls… aka a total airhead… your the person I want…” You sigh, looking into her eyes “I’ve heard that so many times… and every time there’s been an ex involved…” Without a word, she bends forward and kisses you. Your eyes widen in surprise, but you soon close them and lean into the kiss. It’s short and sweet, but seems to last forever. After we part, You say “Hey, I never got your name” “Marceline” she says “Pretty name! I’m-” Y/N, I know.” she smiles, and picks you up bridal style, flying off with you. “There’s no exes involved. Promise”. You smile warmly, closing your eyes, and snuggle close to her chest, finally happy.


There's the first one done, I got 2 more scheduled, comment down below if you have any requests
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