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Finks little pet | Jeremiah fink x cherry AU
I've been obsessed with bioshock infinite lately and I'm really attracted to Jeramiah Fink for some reason. This is gonna be my alternative universe for bioshock infinite where Zachary hale Comstock and booker are two different...
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Earth and Shadow (read desc)
This is a mashup between the Legacy world and Your.local.idiots fantasy one. They really wanted me to do this, and I have no objections, so here we are. WARNINGS: sexual references (No actual scenes though), unrestrained coup...
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Under My Skin // KYLO REN FANFIC
The force is connecting them - an emotionally wounded Supreme Leader and a scoundrel redhead. Captured and forced to work on his ship, will she be able to soften down his tough exterior, or will he awaken something dark inside ...
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1 Year
This story is about my experience in the past year w/ my girlfriend Kat.
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Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios (1)
The title literally says it all. be prepared for the weirdness to come and the many brain cells you will loose. I'm only including Ben because my friend likes him.
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Letter for the Crood lovers
Really, I've been wanting to write this for a while, so yeah. If you aren't a Crood lover, you can read this as well. (THE PHOTO IS RANDOM!)
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DreamNotFound || A Love Story
This is a love story with DreamWasTaken and GeorgeNotFound. Hopefully, I don't lose interest in this one like how I did with the other DreamNotFound story I was doing. Then again That story was going nowhere. I hope you enjoy, ...
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intrapter x locel Storey
this Fore u locel idit entraper stroy LOL yes ok spin bounce doodoodoo
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Propaganda's bio analysis
just plain goofin clown lesbo she/they 5teen i luv fishies that's all u need to know
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My love Michael x Ennard
- Abuse - mention of r@pe - death/ talking about death -gore/ violence Michael is a bottom and Ennard is top please enjoy this crap
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single as a pringle
i hate the fact the im freakin single on valentines day usually i would get a bunch of cards but now because of covid i only got one read on to see the rest enjoy:)
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My Beautiful Angel
This is my valentines gift to my beautiful Hope. AKA MyseriousHyun. There is nothing else I need to say.
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Ask or Dare me and Mike
I love Mike and I thought this would be fun!! I hope you like it I love you Mike Mike - I love you too
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Bitter - Shoto x fem! reader
This is my first story, so if this is crappy, let me know. Oh! And if you have any ideas, let me know. Thanks! Hope you enjoy this!
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Ask/Dare my epic spouses and I bcz frick you, idiot
I dunno if it's to late to make one or not but whatever!! ask or dare me and my fuá´„king epic spouses. they are all awesome and cool. There's Ronald McDonald ( I call him Ronnie sometimes :3c) and Butt Witch (though, she makes m...
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ask/dare estella and i
hey guys its me estellas wife with my wife estella pls ask us questions or dares
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short d man
yabba dabba doo. omg die die die i hate this thing omggg stopp bruhh help omg
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Forest's affair
After attending the cutest pet contest in Europe, Forest finds himself a bitch named Athena. But soon his past comes back to haunt him as his affair with Ranger continues. Will Forest and Athena's relationship survive?
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Love Me!!
A story by my best friend West and I have written. It's a yandere x character story. Starring His oc East and my own OC Samantha. I do not suggest reading if you're young. The two have been friends for years and they both have...
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For my love!
Hello and this is for travis and yeah *blushes* and i want to say this is that I love you travis more then anyone in my life!
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