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Something about Park. (Min Yoongi x Park Jimin)
Min Yoongi is a quiet college student from Daegu. His life is going nowhere until he meets Park Jimin, a handsome, beautiful man with a passion for music and nursing school. Yoongi takes an instant disliking to Park for his nic...
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When the ocean waves.
What happens when a normal teenage girl falls in love with a mermaid? (Thanks for reading! :))
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The Reason I Love You (A Klance Fanfiction)
I was having trouble writing something so I listened to a few songs and one of them gave me the idea for this fanfiction. I hope you like it! Note: This is still a work in progress
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The girl in front of me
Just a little story I wrote because I was bored. Umm yes it is based of my life but ages are different.
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Frerard fanfiction ~The Bridge Fic~
A short Frerard fic in which Gerard thinks it's best to remove himself form Franks life I wrote this in the middle of the night a year or so back when i was super depressed and it's basically me channelling my feelings
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jse x h3h3
"Nobody wants to fuvck you?" Jack asked while biting his lower lips. He was eyeing Ethan down, staring at Ethan's enormous bulge.
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Things Left Unsaid
In which a boy writes down his unspoken thoughts and feelings. ~ A little something I started on another website and am posting here for fun as well cause I need some less cringy stories on my profile.
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Just a memory
Clara loves Jaycee, jaycee is dead. Clara’s new...what does she call her is found dead. Her parents understand that she would be sad, her friend is dead but they don’t understand just how much she meant to her. All she has left...
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Nonesense speaker. A yandere simulator fanfic.
It's only one chapter for now but.. Why not post it? I'm not good at descriptions.. soo.. ya. Pretty much Ayano gets heartbroken by Taro because Osana confessed early and ends up with someone else after they comfort her the da...
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I've Fallen for Us (A Vhope fanfic)
Taehyung is in love with Hoseok, his room mate and best friend. There's only three problems with this. Taehyungs scared to tell him, Hoseok is straight, but the major problem is Hoseok has a crush on a girl. It sucks to be in ...
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Dance (1)
Lazlow is flirtatious and eccentric, yet he keeps his dances private. That is, until he catches someone spying on him.
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I Love You Too Much (TailsXDani)
this is a scene from the movie "The book of life" and i love the song! so i decided to put Tails and Dani in the scene :)
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Do You Trust Me? I Trust You.
"You'd think the is the typical 'Bully X Victim' story, right? Wrong!" I watched as he circled me, his dark brown eyes scanning up and down my body as a smirked played at his lips. "New meat, I see." And just as those words ...
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Shattered Glass
An artist that locks herself away likes the peace and quiet. Which is why when she gets a new neighbour, she wants to jam a paintbrush in his ears. Why? The musician next door doesn't know how to shut windows when playing instr...
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So, this story will basically be about a character I own (Desire) and a character my friend owns (Galaxy). I shall not give out any info about this friend of mine. I ship these two, and so does my friend. We haven’t gotten to a...
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The Rainboom
A new colt is in town and Starlight instantly fell in love. She dosent know what the catch is... Yet.
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Bliss Madness
Rich man hiding insecurities behind arrogance, young lady hiding mental health behind a fake personality. How on earth is this supposed to go well when he hires her to be his lady?
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When you try to make a story
When you try to make a story but accidentally make it the entire Deceleration of Independence
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