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Before The Explosion
I am so hyped up on my OCs' relationship, okay? It's so sad that it isn't even funny. This is just a quick story about Chelsea getting stuck in a locker. Okay. Bye.
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Explode Squared
Another blurb about Chase and Chelsea. I love them and their relationship, okay? Don't judge me, bicth.
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The tale of two furries
hey guys! I haven't written a story in a while so here we are! this one is a special story for my boyfriend who will be joining soon ^ so I hope you enjoy it!
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Heartbreaker (1)
Heather gets dumped on the first day of high school and from that day she vowed to never get hurt. But, what happens when she actually falls for someone? Would she hurt him or love him for real?
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hi hello i can write romance too
hi, okay, i can write, i guess. so i suppose these are just ooey-gooey romantic stories about my ocs but mostly zaLEriE. k thnx bye. [i'd gladly take ideas and stuff, if you guys were to give me any.]
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USUK FanFic ~ Your Not Alone
Hello here’s the first ship story.America/ Alfred is feeling down about how bad he has hurt people in the past.Thats includes England/ Arthur.Will Arthur find the way to forgive him after what he’s done.I will update this story...
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My Love Life
READ THE TITLE! And plz enjoy! I AM DEAD! I am living life! I think! agh!
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Heartbeat (Ticci Toby x Reader)
Just a regular day at school until it wasn't. A new boy comes by and you fall for him but, what happens when you find out who he really is and what you really are?
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❤️🧡💛💚💙💜it wasn’t until that night that his eyes opened up, and he could truly understand what was wrong with this world💜💙💚💛🧡❤️ (tw— abuse, homophobia, some gay slurs here and there)
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Rose water drops
Scarlet , a colour red, of love. But she never had a real romance. she has roamed with several guys yet no body was perfect for her. Inside she always has loved a Guy whom she sees in her dreams. Finally she found the guy who a...
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Life In SandClan
will there clan fall apart? or will one unbrakeable love change it all. We go on a life changing adventure with QuietKit and RunningKit. This is their life story. "remarkable Unbrakeable Love"- My Sister "incredable back st...
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enjoy, friends.
look this was supposed to be funny but then i got into it and thought it might actually be fun to write so i’m changing the description. ENJOY, YOU LONELY BASTARDS!
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Snap Squared
Draco Malfoy is so, so done. He's sick of fighting for an oh-so-pretentious Dark Lord just because his stupid parents decided to sign themselves up for some good old genocidal racism. He's sick of denying all of his own feeling...
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Super Smash Bros Love Stories (Rewrite)
Hello and I did say this series was over but I have change my mind so you can request any Samsh Bros character for this.I will put most of the characters that I have already did so feel free to request any characters.
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The Princess Of The Sky Part 3
Helllo this is part three of The Princess Of The Sky so I hope you enjoy the story. I know this will not make any sense but I tried to continue my story.
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His Light In The Dark |M.YG x Reader|
You are an average teenage girl when you meet Min Yoongi. His rude and distant attitude drove you closer to him. You somehow find a way into his heart. Now how did your story begin? Read to find out.
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Lost Storm
When everything goes wrong, how can you think right? A plane crash, a forgotten one night stand, a jealous best friend and survival!
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