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Creepypasta x reader (2)
You had gone through stuff that was really messed up you dad was abusing you your mom took drugs and nuggets you all the time and your brothers friend raped you and on top of that you smoked You were going to end it all by slee...
5 reads 5 readers 0 by Pan_suger_daddy
After the Rain Stops
Kara Nuni was a survivor, just like everyone. After World War Three, not many world leaders were left, and the world descended into chaos. A second Dark Ages. Warriors were needed, and the Mutations were considered wizards and ...
22 reads 8 readers 8 by xXEmo_KingXx
Nothing Like Perfect
Rose has always dreamed of the perfect life. She had everything mapped out. Then she falls for her best friend. She's not sure who she is anymore or if her parents will accept her. Being a lesbian wasn't in her perfect little p...
8 reads 3 readers 0 by ScarletRoses
Leave me Alone (1)
I opened the door to my apartment to find hundreds of roses. I knew they were from him. He had found me.
32 reads 12 readers 6 by The_Mad_Hatress
Just My Little Ray Of Sunshine||BXB||
He's just so perfect. His soft pink lips. His messy dyed blue hair. His dull blue eyes, that just had that sparkle that could make you smile. His goofy but shy smile that made people's hearts melt. He soft pale skin with his na...
8 reads 4 readers 0 by FallingApart
Him (1)
an anonymous boy who fell in love at first sight with a boy who doesn't know his name. what he doesn't know is that maybe someone will read it years later. It's a short story that is rushed. I had a better idea in my head but ...
13 reads 10 readers 2 by srhkle
Welcome to the life of Electra Heart
The story of Marina and the Diamond's Electra Heart and her ups and downs. Who is Electra, really?
18 reads 7 readers 3 by ScarletRoses
Just a story about an emo boy who fell for a not so emo girl, and how the not so emo girl fell for the emo boy.
59 reads 9 readers 69 by xXEmo_KingXx
Chance (hikaru x kaoru) (ouran highschool host club fanfic)
Now about this: As you know Kaoru is in love with his twin brother Hikaru. nobody knows about his feelings except of Haruhi. But when Hikaru starts flirting with a girl Kaoru panics and does something he REALLY shouldn't have d...
7 reads 5 readers 0 by UniversalRealms
The Written Hearts
(Content warning: Drug use, anorexia, bullemia, domestic abuse, self-harm, and suicidal tendancies. Not the most cheerful story, but it's something.) Soulmates are a conplicated thing in this world, and you find hints as of wh...
15 reads 7 readers 9 by WaitForIt
The Huntresses of Beacon (RWBY) (Pollination fanfic)
This is a RWBY fanfic about Ruby, Weiss, Yang, and Blake fall in love and dating each other... at the same time?! This can only in in comedy. Might turn it into a Ruby x Harem story. Enjoy! (Girl x Girl, incest, polyamory) If y...
13 reads 6 readers 0 by Alcor_The_Dreambender
The Lonely Girl (1)
Hello again and you guys wanted another story so I'm making this one.One Day there was this girl who was lonely and she didn't have any friends and her father abused her.Her life changed when she met a boy named Blue.Please com...
8 reads 5 readers 0 by MaylatheGalacticWolf
The Best Way To Piss Off Your Unflirty Friends
The complete title is actually The Best Way To Piss Off Your Unflirty Friends (And Most Likely Get Something Thrown At You), but oh well. Credit goes to either me or various pick-up line websites.
16 reads 13 readers 1 by Grape
Hitting The Right Keys - Kaede Akamatsu X Miu Iruma
Kaede was always nice to Miu. But it seemed as if Miu wanted absolutely nothing to do with her. That is, until Kaede offers to teach her how to play the piano, and Miu accepts her offer. However, Kaede starts falling in love wi...
10 reads 9 readers 15 by Kanmuru
Zackie and Valerie Shit
[11/7/2017] So, Bab is back, so this story isn't just memories anymore. Hooray! But seriously. Everyone should still read this. It's gold.
34 reads 9 readers 1 by Helpless
Have Faith
Once upon a time, Alice Monroe wasn't looking where she was going. Once upon a time, Faith Gardner ran into her.
34 reads 8 readers 0 by Helpless
Under The Stars
A short-story written by srhkle. Lucas was walking outside after deciding to clear his mind. He never thought of falling in love with an another boy, Ethan, laying under the stars who is obsessed with astronomy.
4 reads 4 readers 0 by srhkle
Dog Teeth ( Oliver X Male! Reader )
You and Oliver are good childhood friends. You both go Fallwoods High. You had always thought you were straight. Then it hit you like a truck. You might just be falling for Oliver. (WARNING: GAY, SELF HARM, ABUSE, COLORFUL LANG...
7 reads 5 readers 0 by FallingApart
The Crush (1)
*sigh* I'm just gonna say who I have a crush on...Right here, right now... @dr.who Yup...Him... Most of the stuff in this story is real...[More like ALL of the stuff in this story is real!]
65 reads 9 readers 34 by FwiskDaHooman