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Undisclosed Desires
Dan is trying to get his life back together after finally leaving his abusive boyfriend, but a stranger at the bus stop is about to change his life forever. | CW: physical abuse, verbal abuse, implied rape, drinking, mentions ...
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Deep, Deep Dilemma
Of course, being the only child of a wealthy family is always the same. Popular. Attending balls and important feasts. Luxurious living. Blah blah blah. But, one thing that really has caught Brittany Sylvester's eye was a boy w...
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I'm not really sure how to explain the story tbh. just read and i hope you enjoy it ^.^ the pictures were as close to the characters as I could manage. >.>
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Set In 1745, In The City State Of Versa, The Story Of How Lady Noemi Vecoli Fell In Love with Antonio Scutari. Hope You Like It. keep an Eye.
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Yandere Story DEMO
A demo version of the Yandere story ive been wanting to do. If this gets enough likes and/or favorites, ill do the whole story!
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Lucid Dreams ~ A Klance Drabble
A little something that took me a long time to write, but was totally worth it. Just a simple one-shot. No hate for the ship, please, as I know Klance has become less popular throughout the seasons. I myself am a multi-shipper,...
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A spring day. (Taehyung x Jungkook fanfic)
Taehyung grew up in a rich loving family. He had anything he ever wanted yet he was still lonely. Jungkook grew up poor and depressed. He never had anything he wanted. He was always lonely. When Jungkook's parents send him to...
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Dark link x reader his darkness
You were with link your friend when you got knocked out and woke up tried to a prison wall you see a figure emerging towards you he grips your chin dark link I grit my teeth what do you want I say be my maid feed me take care o...
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Magic love (Kiara x Harry)
hey guys its been a while since I created a story so I thought that I would make one. I am gonna do Harry and Kiara first and then I will do a Draco x Kiara so I hope that you guys enjoy! Also i'm not gonna go into complete det...
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Kat liked Logan all through middle school but they lost connection in high school. At a party sometime in 10th grade Kat talks to Logan again and they become great friends until more starts to happen.
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Forbidden love (1)
Tess is a 16 year old girl who lives really homophobic parents. Tess had always thought she was straight or more like forced herself to be straight all her life. She meets Ella her best friends cousin and she can't hold back he...
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Dance Group. (Namjoon X Seokjin.)
Dance group is about two boys, Namjoon and Jin, who do an audition for a dancing group and when the two boys meet they realize that they have many things in common with each other. But being in two different dance groups can c...
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nightmare thrill x reader
nightmare got dressed and walked downstairs and left the mansion to go hunting only to find someone that will change his life for good
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Something about Park. (Min Yoongi x Park Jimin)
Min Yoongi is a quiet college student from Daegu. His life is going nowhere until he meets Park Jimin, a handsome, beautiful man with a passion for music and nursing school. Yoongi takes an instant disliking to Park for his nic...
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When the ocean waves.
What happens when a normal teenage girl falls in love with a mermaid? (Thanks for reading! :))
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The Reason I Love You (A Klance Fanfiction)
I was having trouble writing something so I listened to a few songs and one of them gave me the idea for this fanfiction. I hope you like it! Note: This is still a work in progress
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The girl in front of me
Just a little story I wrote because I was bored. Umm yes it is based of my life but ages are different.
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Frerard fanfiction ~The Bridge Fic~
A short Frerard fic in which Gerard thinks it's best to remove himself form Franks life I wrote this in the middle of the night a year or so back when i was super depressed and it's basically me channelling my feelings
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