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Do You Trust Me? I Trust You.
"You'd think the is the typical 'Bully X Victim' story, right? Wrong!" I watched as he circled me, his dark brown eyes scanning up and down my body as a smirked played at his lips. "New meat, I see." And just as those words ...
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Shattered Glass
An artist that locks herself away likes the peace and quiet. Which is why when she gets a new neighbour, she wants to jam a paintbrush in his ears. Why? The musician next door doesn't know how to shut windows when playing instr...
10 reads 6 readers 8 by Prussian_Mistake
So, this story will basically be about a character I own (Desire) and a character my friend owns (Galaxy). I shall not give out any info about this friend of mine. I ship these two, and so does my friend. We haven’t gotten to a...
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The Rainboom
A new colt is in town and Starlight instantly fell in love. She dosent know what the catch is... Yet.
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Bliss Madness
Rich man hiding insecurities behind arrogance, young lady hiding mental health behind a fake personality. How on earth is this supposed to go well when he hires her to be his lady?
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When you try to make a story
When you try to make a story but accidentally make it the entire Deceleration of Independence
15 reads 12 readers 3 by Prussian_Mistake
Anime Lemons~ ( Gonna Have 7 by the end of the tommorow)
Lemons! Sex! Black Butler Lemons,Fairytail Lemons,Naruto Lemons,Blue exorcist Lemons,Attack on titan lemons, and Diabolik Lovers Lemons! DM me a request! OH AND NEW ADDED LEMON REQUEST ACCEPTING DEATH NOTE! ( AND SOUL EATER ONC...
13 reads 10 readers 1 by DEATH_CP
Ben drowned x Female Reader Be my Gamer Girl?
What happens when Y/N runs into a certain blonde haired elf? When she becomes a Creepypasta things get even more weirder with BEN and Y/N´ś relationship. It´s a will they or won´t they...Your choice~
16 reads 9 readers 5 by DEATH_CP
Two heartbreaks
Two girls Ginny and lexa fall for the same boy. Both try to win the boy over. Soon the boy goes missing and when he’s found dead the girls spend a lot of time together and may even end up falling for each other.
11 reads 6 readers 0 by ABgaminggirl
Sonamy Christmas!
my first story so don judge me on spelling or other crap. but enjoy this christmas story about two amazing hedgehogs who are the BEST ship ever!
13 reads 7 readers 4 by vaknaz
Bell And Alex ...
[ A romance / fantasy story about two characters named Alex and Bell ]
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The tale of two furries
hey guys! I haven't written a story in a while so here we are! this one is a special story for my boyfriend who will be joining soon ^ so I hope you enjoy it!
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Heartbreaker (1)
Heather gets dumped on the first day of high school and from that day she vowed to never get hurt. But, what happens when she actually falls for someone? Would she hurt him or love him for real?
15 reads 8 readers 1 by numbsoul2021
USUK FanFic ~ Your Not Alone
Hello here’s the first ship story.America/ Alfred is feeling down about how bad he has hurt people in the past.Thats includes England/ Arthur.Will Arthur find the way to forgive him after what he’s done.I will update this story...
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My Love Life
READ THE TITLE! And plz enjoy! I AM DEAD! I am living life! I think! agh!
9 reads 7 readers 0 by Tylove1924
Heartbeat (Ticci Toby x Reader)
Just a regular day at school until it wasn't. A new boy comes by and you fall for him but, what happens when you find out who he really is and what you really are?
58 reads 14 readers 5 by numbsoul2021
❤️🧡💛💚💙💜it wasn’t until that night that his eyes opened up, and he could truly understand what was wrong with this world💜💙💚💛🧡❤️ (tw— abuse, homophobia, some gay slurs here and there)
29 reads 19 readers 2 by twinkle.dinkles
Rose water drops
Scarlet , a colour red, of love. But she never had a real romance. she has roamed with several guys yet no body was perfect for her. Inside she always has loved a Guy whom she sees in her dreams. Finally she found the guy who a...
7 reads 3 readers 3 by Hikari_Chan
Life In SandClan
will there clan fall apart? or will one unbrakeable love change it all. We go on a life changing adventure with QuietKit and RunningKit. This is their life story. "remarkable Unbrakeable Love"- My Sister "incredable back st...
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enjoy, friends.
look this was supposed to be funny but then i got into it and thought it might actually be fun to write so i’m changing the description. ENJOY, YOU LONELY BASTARDS!
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