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Age is just a number when you are with Female Delhi Escorts
After reaching a certain point numerous individuals started to think that their sex life is over and now they do not get to enjoy this heavenly pleasure again. Well if you are one of those then you are sitting on the wrong trai...
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Variety of oral sex with Female Delhi escorts
If attempted right, oral sex can offer you ultimate pleasure and sometimes it can be more pleasureful than intercourse itself. Now you may have figured out the importance of oral sex in your sex life. You will be excited to kno...
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love letter
an experimental stream of consciousness style work, written for a lover, with his name on the tip of my tongue. do not read this it’s god awful and embarrassing probably
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Shifting hearts (fanfic story)
A story from wáttpad about my character and camilo madrigal ^^ hope you enjoy!
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Empires SMP Oneshots
This is gonna be mostly flower husbands lol Of course with some jizzie and stuff like that Requests open!
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Who would wanna date a zombie? Apparently a serial killer. The worlds gone to shatters and destruction, in the middle of a zombie apocolypse, how will these two find love?
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Danganronpa Oneshots!
Just a story of a bunch of danganronpa one shots! I'll do: Character x Character x Readers Oc x Oc Character x Oc ect. Genre's: Fluff Angst S m u t Lime ect. Please request!
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The Day She Was Given White Roses.
After disappearing for 4 years, Junyoo finally comes back out into the real world, in hopes that her boyfriend would forget all about her. When he sees her, he turns her life around, and she is forced to face her new reality wi...
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Dreamnotfound || A Love Story
This is a love story with DreamWasTaken and GeorgeNotFound. I hope you enjoy it. I'll make new chapters every month or so. The people in this story are okay with the shipping from what I heard, they read the fan-fics together a...
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Kandace (1)
Yeah so I wrote a story about this girl named Kandace. She struggles with bullying, eating, and depression. She's also got tourettes
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Yeah so I wrote a story about this girl named Kandace. She struggles with bullying, eating, and depression.
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My top 15 Favorite FNAF songs!
Hi! In each of these chapters are my favorite songs. There are lyrics for each of them. Bye and Enjoy!
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Kirishima x Shy reader
Is anyone else bored bcs I am, so I made this in my spare time. I hope you like it.
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The date with bakugou
This is mainly for uhhh... What's their name? Anygays, this story will be crappy of course. I also may not be able to do bakugou so well- lmao. This for everyone else too and cover art is not mine! Will be updated soon.
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Finks little pet | Jeremiah fink x cherry AU
I've been obsessed with bioshock infinite lately and I'm really attracted to Jeramiah Fink for some reason. This is gonna be my alternative universe for bioshock infinite where Zachary hale Comstock and booker are two different...
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Earth and Shadow (read desc)
This is a mashup between the Legacy world and Your.local.idiots fantasy one. They really wanted me to do this, and I have no objections, so here we are. WARNINGS: sexual references (No actual scenes though), unrestrained coup...
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Under My Skin // KYLO REN FANFIC
The force is connecting them - an emotionally wounded Supreme Leader and a scoundrel redhead. Captured and forced to work on his ship, will she be able to soften down his tough exterior, or will he awaken something dark inside ...
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1 Year
This story is about my experience in the past year w/ my girlfriend Kat.
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Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios (1)
The title literally says it all. be prepared for the weirdness to come and the many brain cells you will loose. I'm only including Ben because my friend likes him.
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