Never Loveless

Never Loveless

“You, love Link? That’s not possible.” “No one is ever loveless, Zelda.” Eira wakes up in the Lost Woods, with no recollection of her past. She makes her way to Korok Forest, where she learns from the Great Deku Tree that she has been sealed way for 100 years. 100 years ago, the Great Calamity happened. Eira also learns of Link, a blond swordsman who is to wield the Master Sword and save Hyrule, also rescuing Princess Zelda in the process. When Link comes to Korok Forest in search of the Master Sword, Eira decides that she will join Link on his journey. Along the way, she starts to fall for him, but will he return her feelings? Does his heart already belong to someone else? If so, will she be able to take his heart for herself?

published on March 07, 202311 reads 10 readers 4 not completed
Chapter 1.


Hi, it’s me, the author here!
Before you start reading, I just wanted to give a big thanks to @MUSHR00MPEACH_FAIRY for helping me with the title of this fanfiction!  I was really stuck and she gave me just the title I needed!  It’s perfect for the plot of the book, really.  Thank you!  :>

Also, it won’t let me do italics, so when Eira is thinking, instead of italics, I’ll just use apostrophes.

Another thing, the images throughout this story are not mine, I do not own them.  I give the rights to their original creators/owners, including the image above.  The girl in the picture above is exactly what Eira looks like, minus the pink highlights and the hairstyle.  Her hair is normally down, but is the same length as the hair in the image.

That’s all!  Happy reading!  I hope you enjoy!  <3
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Comments (4)

Your fiction is quite interesting. although there are some descriptions of characters or events that could be even better with Anyway, congratulations, I'm looking forward to the next parts!
on November 29, 2023
Eira gradually assumed an upright position, experiencing a throbbing sensation in her brain. Upon the gradual acclimation of her vision to the ethereal woodland around her, she endeavored to recollect the manner in which she arrived at her current location.
on September 21, 2023
Eira sat up slowly, her head pounding. As her eyes adjusted to the misty forest surrounding her, she tried to remember how she got there, but her mind was a blank slate. The last thing she recalled was a name - Zelda.
on August 29, 2023
Your writing style is both eloquent and approachable.
on May 30, 2023