Purr For Me, Cat || Neko!Sal X Travis ||

Purr For Me, Cat || Neko!Sal X Travis ||

Sal was quite the easy target for bullying. Small, a neko and a typical outcast. However, there was one bully he was able to change. Travis Phelps [This story can be found in other places like A03, W@ttpad & Qu0tev before you ask]

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Chapter 1.

|| Story Notes ||

~*Hi! These are important notes to read about this story*~

-This is an AU! [obviously]

-Sal is a neko, as in half cat, half human. Sal does cat things like purr, meow, mewl and such. Sal also heightened abilities like jumping, lighter falls/amazing ability to land on his feet, better hearing and slightly better vision at night than humans. Sal doesn't do other cat things like hack up hairballs, have a heat [*aggressive glaring at omega verse*] and such.

-All characters are college age
~*Specific Ages*~
Sal: 24
Larry: 25
Travis: 25
Todd: 25
Ashley: 25
Neil: 26

-In this AU they moved away from Nockfell and have settled in California

-Travis lives with Ashley [they share an apartment]

-Sal is a lot more apathetic towards Travis as they grew apart the older they got

-Sal still has Gizmo and has adopted a second cat named Lucky [a male tortoiseshell cat]

-Larry and Sal are brothers, both of them having legal adoption papers from either of their stepparents [Sal has adoption papers from Lisa and Larry has adoption papers from Henry]
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