Spark X Max

Spark is a cougar and Max is a tiger max likes spark as a mate but spark likes max as a friend

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Spark meets max

Spark was  doing drama in thunderclan "hawdy!" Spark says to one of the kits "mew!" The kit was scared  spark carried the kit away from the other "mew mew mew!!". The kit was terrified and lets go of spark  "hey get out of our came!" A black tom yelled at spark  "hehehe make me!" Spark chuckled
The black tom growls at spark to get out  "heh you think that will scare me haha I can do worse" spark said sarcastically
The black tom growls at spark and pins him down  then spark bites in the black cats neck  and spark finally leaves the camp .spark heard a frickle of leaves moving  and spark punches on the weird creature "huh?" Spark said  "who are you ?" Max says "no who are you!" Spark yells  "hey! Don't you dare yell at me!" Max growls at spark   "and what are you going to do about it!" Spark says "oh yeah?" Max said uncomfortably smiling at spark  "uuuuuh" spark was uncomfortable   then max pins spark into to soft grass "what the hell are you doing!?" Spark yelled  "heh don't worry about it" Max said sexualy  then he slipped his penis into spark  "..." Spark was silence he can fill max's dick inside him thrusting it was so big spark couldn't handle it anymore  spark closed his eyes in pain as his paws was holding  max's  neck back  and Max was licking inside Spark's mouth  and spark cried   as Max was going farther and faster inside him spark closed his mouth to not squeak and Max cummed inside of him and spark moans and Max licked his cheek  and licked inside of spark got up and Max pins him again not finished "y-your not done with me yet?" Spark said being hoping max will go easy on him this time
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Yeah I forgot to mention that spark is a boy and Max is a boy to and there will be another one
on January 28