Intersteller objects 1Who the heck are you?

Intersteller objects 1Who the heck are you?

Some ammount of contestants battle for an unknown prize. Who will win? We will find out!

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Chapter 1.

Beging scene

Coloring book: any minute now... any minute... any-
Mechanical pencil: can you shut up?!
Coloring book: what! Im bored and do you know when the contestants will arrive?
Mechanical Pencil: apparently you said 'any minute now' like FIFTY TIMES!
*bus arrives*
Coloring book: hey look. The contestants are here. Lets introduce them! We have Shelfy, Tanky, Sticker, Punnett Square, Speed Dicey, Light, Firework, Lego bricks, Oxygen, Brick, Wand, Blue Firey, Trash Can, Coin Operated Ride, Fishtank, Qfeast, cook book, Buisness card, Xwing, Fire alarm, Euro Token, Losuro, ItemPhone, Telephone Box, and Gizidou. That is half the cast i think.
Mechanical pencil: well thats most of the cast. Sooo, if you are female go the the blue platform and if you are male go to the pink platform.
*Top shelfy, sticker, speed dicey, Light, Firework, Lego bricks, fish tank, Qfeast, Xwing, Euro Token, and Item Phone go to the blue platform while Tanky, Punnett square, bottom shelfy, brick, blue firey, Trash Can, Coin Operated Ride, Losuro, Telephone Box, Fire Alarm, cook book, buisness card, and Gizidou go to the pink*
Oxygen L (l means legs):what do we do?
Oxygen A (a means Arms): do we just sit arround?
Wand: it was like this in MM.
Firework: Woah! Its a wand!
Wand: ya. Ya. Im a celebrity, now go to your team.
Sticker: hey. How come we only have 11 people and the other has 14?
Coloring book: i guess it is just how much of you signed up. Also, bottom shelfy wouldent be considered a singular contestant so techecnally it is 11 to 13.
Bottom Shelfy: what!you cant do that!
Coloring book: hey. Im going by the contract. Dont blame me. Blame the person who made it. Anyways, Bottom shelfy. Go with your sister or sit out. Wand and Oxygen, join girls.
Oxygen L: Yes!
Oxygen A: Noo! I have to be with stupid girls!
Item phone: hey! Be nice!
Oxygen A: why should i? *slaps Item phone and her screen cracks* wow you are cheep.
Coloring book: Hey MC? Can you say a challenge?
Mechanical pencil: why should i? You are the host!
Coloring book: because i cant come up with one.
Mechanical pencil: ugh. Fine. I should give you a tour of this place.
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