Margarita and the bottle of magic.

Margarita and the bottle of magic.

Margarita is a 12 year old girl living in Seattle, Washington who got this unicorn accessories kit for christmas. In that kit contained "bottle of unicorn magic" which has more power than it looks...

published on December 31, 201814 reads 5 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.

Merry christmas!!!

Margeritta woke up to some carolers outaide her home in Seattle. She was the 1st of 2 chrilden in the micmaroe family. Her little brother was Sam. They both bolted at the speed of light down stairs into the living room. Sam opened the door and said "sorry. Were closed." at the carolers. Margarita laughed and called over sam, finding a present with his name on it. "Go on!open it!" Said Margeritta. "But Mom is still sleeping!" Wined Sam. "I always open one present first. Then i wait. Its too tempting, so i made it a tradition". Replied Margeritta with a smile. "Now go on. Open it!" "Fine" said Sam opening the present.
"WOAH! A NEW RACECAR!" Said Sam excited! "Whos that yelling?" Said a voice. "SCATTER!" Yelled Margeritta. "You can run but you cant hide!" Said mom. Grabbing sam and Margeritta who were both short. "Busted" said Sam. "Ya ya. I know" replied Margeritta
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