Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Greg meets the Germans

Greg Heffley was just your average kid, that is, until he went to the park and his life changed forever.

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July 14th

“If you’re going to hit speed bumps, don’t drive so fast!”
Manny and I were clinging onto a side of Rodrick’s band van as he drove 50 mph and hit every speed bump in town. Rowley was clinging onto another side. Good thing we only had to deal with 2 more minutes of this until we got to the park. When we finally got there, it was packed with people. It was the middle of summer, on a Saturday. It was going to be packed. There was one section that wasn’t as packed as the other sections. So we set up there for a picnic. All of a sudden, a little girl started to circle around our blanket. She took a sandwich and run off. Rodrick wanted to get it back, but I told him that she must be hungry. All of a sudden, we were met with an older girl. “Who said Hungry? Did someone call me?” She looked like she had e- IS THAT A FRYING PAN???? We ran for the hills. She chased us until we were in the woods. We saw that girl again. Turns out she had not eaten her sandwich yet! Now, I let Rodrick go get it back. All of a sudden, he started to run back. “AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! HesgonnashootmehesgonnashootmeHESGONNASHOOTME!”
We thought he was bluffing but then we saw, her brother? Maybe. He was actually pointing a gun at us no lie. “Bye Greg...” said Rowley. I said that we were going to run for our lives. And we did. We split up, Manny and Rowley, Rodrick and I. He decided to follow us. We ran fast until we saw an opening. He chased us until there. When we got there, we found Manny and Rowley kidnapped and the little girl, the older girl, and like two other people. Turns out that they were called the Germans. And one of the Germans’ names was Rodrick! They were called the Germans because they were the “personifications of the German countries”. I honestly still think that they’re just average people and they said that just to attract attention across the town. Rodrick then said, “Alright, fake Germans, give us back our friends or we’re calling the police on you.”  “And who are you?”, asked the older girl. I responded, “I’m Greg, that’s Rodrick, and those are Manny and Rowley.” It sounded like they didn’t really want to hear our names when one of them shouted, “Attack!”. Rodrick and I took off and ran through the trees. We would go back afterwards to get Manny and Rowley.

That was Part 1, I hope you enjoyed. This was inspired by Ice.Moon.Melting’s Diary of an Awesome Kid.
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