drake goes to hope peak

Drake goes to hopes peak all the way from maple leaf country in order to make song

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Chapter 1.

Drake goes to hopes peak

Drake decided to go to hopes peak to make music video. He had to travel a lot to get to hopes peak.

Cristmasgami was rehearsing when all of a sudden Celeste see drake. baby doll fudihikoi see drake too. drake look at skool in question. “where do i film music video” he say. then drake see petco. petco say hi and say “i petco and i yung meestar tul”. drake say “k” then gun ham appear. gun han d say hi. drake say hi back. drake go in skool. he see air conditin and crank up. then korekiyo die. korekiyo say “why u kill me” and drake say “e”. then drake see kerume. kerume say “i refoos to die in a helhul like this”. toegamee then say “i rich you pore” and drake say “no u” and then toegamee is shock.

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on October 25, 2019