gLItCheD 3:

Another fun adventure of Chloe and Bree! They go into FNAF 4 and itโ€™s su much fun!

published on May 1913 reads 7 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.


Chloe was sitting a a computer desk. She was looking through all of Bree’s games. She saw a scary one called FNAF 4 and decided to open it up to see if she should go inside. It looked really really cool, there was a bedroom and it was spookie. All of the sudden a scary bunny with big knife teeth hugged the screen!! ”So kewl!” Chloe thought.
“BREE!” She yelled loudly.
“I’m going to go in FNAF 4”
“Wait, I’m in round 7 with BEN rite now!” (XD)
“Hurry yo lets go”
Bree put her clothes in and they went into the game.
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on May 19