Surviving on earth s1 maddie

Surviving on earth s1 maddie

Just a story I started awhile ago about my friend and I. It's based of the 100 plot but you have to have seen the show to get the story.

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Chapter 1.

Part 1

I had trouble finding good spots to start/end chapters because when I originally wrote this there were no chapters.

Almost 100 years ago nuclear bombs took out everyone on earth, or so they thought leaving behind radiation making it not safe to come to the ground for 100 years. A lot of people lived on a space station. A few years before it's safe to go to the ground the space station starts breaking down. They send 100 teenage prisoners to the ground to test if it was safe. They story starts in the dropship heading towards earth. They were given wrist bands to track their health and stuff.


The ground all seemed like wonderful dream. The wonderfulness of the dream slowly faded away. from the mutant deer, the water monster, and grounders it turned to a nightmare. The next thing everyone knew they were preparing for war, just a few weeks ago they were running around in the sun and smelling flowers. Now they wished they had listened to pikes survival skills lessons.

Season 1

“Get back in your seats your going to die”, the person who everyone called princess demanded.

Bellamy and some other dude floated around. I was being responsible unlike some people and staying in my seat. I didn’t take stupid risks like that I was smart.

“Get the f*ck back in your seat big brother”, a girl said who looked like a girl version of Bellamy.

Bellamy sat back down but didn’t bother to buckle all the buckles. The other two guys just kept floating around and being crazy. The ship landed more like crashed with a jolt. My body slammed against the buckles. We made it but we would soon be dead radiation would kill us all. The doors opened and the most beautiful thing I had ever seen was revealed. Tons and tons of nature, blue skies, birds. We weren’t dead yet, yet!

People started running out and screaming with joy. I would die anyways why not enjoy the time you had left. I ran around and buried my arms in plants. Clarke (princess) was standing on the ship watching with a few people. She finally cautiously walked onto the grass.  I wished I had a camera a to take pictures of the plants. I lied down this would be a nice place to die surrounded by plants.

Minutes passed I waited for the radiation to get to me but it never did not to anyone. Would I survive?

“Hey were not dead yet”, Bellamy called out.

I caught Clarke roll her eyes and she murmured something under her breath.
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