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Surviving on earth s2 Maddie
Read season 1 first. Adventure/action with some romance. Hwiakdjdnnwjwjdjd
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Kat liked Logan all through middle school but they lost connection in high school. At a party sometime in 10th grade Kat talks to Logan again and they become great friends until more starts to happen.
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Surviving on earth s1 maddie
Just a story I started awhile ago about my friend and I. It's based of the 100 plot but you have to have seen the show to get the story.
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Forbidden love (1)
Tess is a 16 year old girl who lives really homophobic parents. Tess had always thought she was straight or more like forced herself to be straight all her life. She meets Ella her best friends cousin and she can't hold back he...
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Just a memory
Clara loves Jaycee, jaycee is dead. Clara’s new...what does she call her is found dead. Her parents understand that she would be sad, her friend is dead but they don’t understand just how much she meant to her. All she has left...
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C.Y.O.A hp year 1 part 2
The continued version of my other one. Read the other first, read them order.
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C.Y.O.A hp year 1
Your first year at hogwarts! It's a choose our own adventure. What you do is your choose.
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Two heartbreaks
Two girls Ginny and lexa fall for the same boy. Both try to win the boy over. Soon the boy goes missing and when he’s found dead the girls spend a lot of time together and may even end up falling for each other.
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Choose your own adventure
Your story, your chooses, have fun. High school romance, crime, drama its got it all.
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A hogwarts story
My story of my life at hogwarts. I saw someone else do this and I wanted to do it myself.
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A cold love story
Yoki loves her senpai but obviously somebody else does too, oka. Oka is not he same level as yoki and is also killing for senpai. It's turned to war between the girls neither can live while the other survives.
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A year of drama
A year from my life slightly different with different names besides my own. School drama. Nine year old Abby goes to a school and is treated really badly by a group of mean girls specifically one girl willow.
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Qfeasters trapped on an island
The beginning is based of titanic. But eight people make it on to an island and are trapped there and must survive. Qfeasters are in the story.
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My anime or book characters
I was bored so I diecieded to make an anime character and characters from stories I have written and put them on here for people to read.
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Harry Potter activitys
A bunch of Harry Potter stuff to do. There are challenges and fun projects. And lots more
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Powers among us
Each year 5 girls and 5 boys are chosen to go to the magic kingdom to learn their skill. These 10 teenagers must fight evil and become one with the magic or it will betray you.
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Yandere girl
A girl named crescent must kill for the one she loves Justin. She does it in fear but will she win her senpias heart.
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Child generator
It's not really a story but plz read. Combine two people genetics to see what their child would look like. (Behind the scenes magic of my quiz)
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