A cold love story

Yoki loves her senpai but obviously somebody else does too, oka. Oka is not he same level as yoki and is also killing for senpai. It's turned to war between the girls neither can live while the other survives.

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A cold love story
Chapter 1.

Be warned

the blade is inches away from my throat. I could feel the blood dripping down from my neck. I was clutching her arms preventing her from killing me but my grasp couldn't hold long. I had one idea but it was sucide. I could let go grab the knife from her hands and kill her.

Her eyes were wild and she was staring at me "senpai is mine", she said.

She started pushing harder it was now or never. I let go the knife got closer making a deep cut on my neck, I managed to get my hands around the knifes Handle and quickly pull it from her grasp.

"I think not senpai is mine", I said the knife now at her throat.

"Let me live", oka croaked out.

I put  the knife farther away from her throat I would deal with her later. I made a gash on her arm with the knife, blood poured out.

"Remember that pain", I said.

"Yoki please", oka pleaded.

I made one last small cut on her arm and pushed her away.

"Stay away from me and stay away from senpai", I screamed.

"The only way is death yoki", oka said before she ran off.

I played it over and over in my head the only was is death. Kill them all then senpai would be mine. But somebody had the same idea. Octavia was already dead and she liked senpai. Oka must have killed her like she tried to do to me. She's not so brave when she doesn't have the knife. I still have oka's knife tucked safely in my coat pocket.

Kat, Clara, lavender, ivy, and oka all people I know like senpai. I'm coming for you, be warned!!!
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