A cold love story

A cold love story

Yoki loves her senpai but obviously somebody else does too, oka. Oka is not he same level as yoki and is also killing for senpai. It's turned to war between the girls neither can live while the other survives.

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Chapter 2.


My blue hair was swaying through the wind, my face was full of anger, my hand was on my knife inside my pocket, and I was marching to school. I broke into a run spotting Clara ahead of me.

"Hi yoki why are you so upset", Clara asked.

"You know why", I said.

I took her by her coat hoodie and dragged her behind the bushes.

"Y.y.y. Oki.. What is going on", Clara said fear filling her eyes.

"Shut it", I said.

My hand slammed over her mouth keeping her from talking

"Now do what I say", I said.

Clara was trembling. I pulled the knife and prepared to make her death as painful as possible.

"If your going to kill me just do it", I could bearly here Clara say under my hand.

I moved her sleeve up cutting Into her arm hitting bone her screams were stifiled. I did the same to her arms and legs. She lay on the ground not moving looking at me for mercy. I slowly cut her neck and she was dead. My hands were covered In blood, her blood but whatever she was dead!

I looked at my watch which had specks of blood and relised I was just about late for school. I couldn't skip it because then I would be a suspect. My finger tips weren't on the weapon, I was wearing gloves, but oka's were. I slipped the knife back into my pocket and ran as fast as my legs would carry me to school. Leaving Clara there.
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