Fiction and Nonfiction
The Killing Game
Five people are invited to a party being held at a mansion in a dark, secluded area of a forest in Maine. It is foretold that four will die, and one will survive. Remember, X marks the spot!
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Dead End: No way out
Curiosity helps in many ways. But sometimes it kills. Neer is an 16 year old normal school going boy who gets friends due to his ability, observing. But his weakness is curiousity. life takes a different turn after he sees th...
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creepypasta vol. Jane the killer
This is pretty much about Jane the killer I gotten my info at wiki so ya lets get started
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All Wrapped Up
Kara Nuni only wants one thing for Christmas: Sesa Okomota. He's everything she's ever wanted. Too bad she takes what she wants.
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Short horror stories
Short horror stories. Requirements no lights, a blanket... maybe a fresh pair of underware
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A Dark Water || 01/01
❝you don't need to pretend to be normal anymore.❞ (crosspost from watt-pad)
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The swing that won't stay still
One girl, one responsibility, one choice. Follow her as she sets out on her journey with her family, an old lady, a tree with a girl's face and swing that wont stop moving
5 reads 4 readers 0 by Jada168
The Lonely Vampiress
Her eyes, black as night, bored into his soul. He stared at her inquisitively for a second or two. "What are - " But then, she smiled, and as the skin of her lips stretched across her teeth, revealing her nearly inch long fangs...
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The Devil Queen
A horror story of Seg. And how she turn into a 5 eyed demon. WARING: GORE AND BLOOD. Its a Halloween special. #goretober
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He Loves Me Not
All he could think about was his bright cerulean eyes and deep chocolate brown hair. And that was when the petals came.
16 reads 13 readers 0 by roger.the.boi
What makes me human?
Sometimes Rosie isn't sure who she is. She was just recently taken into the asylum and she's already forgetting who she is. The decent into insanity is a hard path to be stuck on. Written in free verse poetry
15 reads 5 readers 0 by ScarletRoses
Some Angsty English people
Lolol basically a thing with Roger and his parents-- It's really angsty
6 reads 6 readers 3 by roger.the.boi
Proxy Heart
This is about a girl known as 'The Shadow' she is a killer. Being more dangerous than the famous killer Jeff the Killer. The police have been hunting her down, they've had no luck catching her. But now I certain man in a suit w...
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The Black Haired Woman
Miyuki moved into a new house with her parents. She finds it eerie, while her parents absolutely adore the house. After a bit, she starts to feel a presence.
19 reads 9 readers 8 by PastelMintySuga
This story is about a girl named Sarah, she's been having dreams of a stranger walking around her home to find her. There's more to this story then this though. So stop reading this and go to the story already.
7 reads 3 readers 1 by KittenCreepypastaKiller
AU ~ A Puppets Soul
In a world there is a killer his name is purple guy. Lets see what happens when the yu boys and yu girls get killed by said killer but then get reincarnated by the Martinets son, Pip. (Yu girls are Yuki, Yusi, Yuli, and Yumi) B...
13 reads 8 readers 0 by Silver_Moon
None Existent Heartbeat
Raven has been different her whole life, maybe its because her eyes are red, and instead of the white bits in her eyes theres black. maybe because her cayenne teeth are that sharp they cut a hole through her gum and now stickin...
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The Reflection
She called at 11:32pm. “911, What’s your emergency?” “I..I..I think there’s a here to k..kill me.”
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Screaming Shadows
These 'shadows' have hunted me for years. I don't know is it was just my Nyctophobia manifesting itself into something more physical or if I had Nyctophobia because of these 'shadows'. Whatever it was it was scaring my to death...
9 reads 4 readers 0 by FallingApart
Uneasy: Feast Of Endings(2nd Book)
Chapter 4 is pretty graphic so watch out... Yeah, so anyways guys, this story took a while to make! But I tried to add more detail. Also, i need you guys to vote on something! Should I make my stories longer, or make long chapt...
28 reads 8 readers 0 by AnimuLily