Fiction and Nonfiction
This is the way it has been for my people, for as long as anyone could remember. Each new life brought with it the threat that the creature posed. Each new life could be snatched away from us too early, too harshly, and far too...
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the deaths of the loray family
kinda of a creepypasta Oc i made idk what to say really so yeah this requirement
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Abandoned (1)
A boy and his friends decide to have a night over in a haunted house. What will happen?
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Fazbear Frights Combine
I wrote this for school and I thought it'd be nice to share, let me know if I should keep adding to it
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My fnaf AU (story)
You will find out my fnaf AU story and about my fnaf charters so be warn: this is scary.
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The original story of Zimi The Killer 2022 (1)
Young Zimi Evans was an ordinary, modest schoolgirl until she accidentally heard about Jeff the killer. Zimi was interested in him, but she was still a normal person, the injuries of other people did not occur to her. One day t...
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jules diary
every time i attempt to keep a diary it goes horribly so i need you guys to hell at me if i dont update
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Your Dumb
Y/N trips on air when running from Jeff the killer. Even though you could have outrun him you slow hoe. You die XD could never be me.
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Lavender Town Syndrome Study
I'm under the age of 18 and therefore able to hear the high pitched notes, I'll listen to this over and over again and record my symptoms... the video I'm listening to it on is 6 minutes long so each listen is 6 minutes. The li...
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Creepypasta Zodiac
This is basically a Creepypasta zodiac. I'm bored right now so we'll see how this goes. It's generated by a wheel of names so a very high chance it's not accurate. And none of the Creepypasta are mine, And Masky and Hoodie are ...
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The 'Happy' Family
A family that suffered very bad deaths. Kinda ironic, but oh well deal with it
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Creeepypasta: Laughing Mio
I was looking out the window looking forward for school... but then it struck me.. WHO AM I? and why do I have rainbow hair??
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My Marble Hornets Playlist
I got this off of Spotify... I have no clue ok. This is a PHASE AGAIN. I had this before, but it's back again.
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My Marble Hornets Journal
I'm going through a phase of Marble Hornets again... MOM, IT'S NOT A PHASE (If you look at the photo, Masky is escorting Skully! LOL XD ) This will contain Terrible uncensored jokes, quotes and incorrect quotes.
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My Ouija Board Experiences
This is basically my book about my Ouija Board Experiences. I will try it every afternoon on Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday. It won't be very long...
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Stories that will keep you up at night
Ill be telling true stories i have hear & telling my own experiences. Good luck & never go in the woods alone &/or without protection
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Mha and fnaf crossover
Yes I'm doing this but technically it's just the mha reactions to fnaf
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Creepypasta boyfriend Scenarios (2) *With Girlfriends too*
I was inspired by all of the creepypasta boyfriend scenarios before. this contains, Abuse, Violence, Murder, Censored Swearing, Kidnapping, Stockholm Syndrome and Suicide. This is very gory, there will be some fandom ones, and ...
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Haunted mystery hotel
Im sorry of this story isn't very scary it's been a while since ive written horror anyways u.u on with the story
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