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Black Sea
!CAUTION!: this may contain some triggering content for some. Please heed this warning before reading. Engel and her two brothers, Kota and Binx, have lived on the Rose Hill Orphanage for many years. But as they grow closer t...
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An Jeff x reader
one day a normal girl named y/n and her sister Rachel had a problem they where visited by an killer. will they survive? will they ever escape? or will they be forgotten?
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*So Stories going to be a zombies *(If triggered by zombies then leave) *Viewer discretion is advised* *Random story
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the story (1)
this is the only story on qfeast if you dont think so ur just wrong sorry
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The Three Odd Pastas
Follow @Kitten_Snowflakes and @Thatlocalfangirl . <--- They helped wright the story!
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Qfeast Killahz
Co-written by Propaganda, this is the story of Danganranpa told with an original cast of characters (qfeasters)
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William Aftons love
It is a love story that will be adorible I hope. So enjoy the book.It will start off with William gong insane. So, yeah. I hope you enjoy the book.
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FNaF Files
These are the files of my FNaF things! I will include OC's, Fave games/daily entries and some songs! Enjoy!
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Awesome Yandere Songs
THESE ARE EPIC! I'm sure you'll love it! Most of these are made by yandere dev and the voice actor for yan-chan. None of these songs belong to me, I promise. I will put the name, link, and lyrics for each song on every page. EN...
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k-mart? More like cringe-mart amiright
A maternal insult, also referred to as a "Yo mama" joke, is a reference to a person's mother through the use of phrases such as "your mother" or other regional variants, frequently used to insult the target by way of their moth...
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Dark poems
Dark poems not for younger kids violent and graphic in some and do not read if easily scared
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The midnight swingset
i hope you like this un true was my story a long time ago. but since the wifi was down. I finally done it over and now imma ready to you!
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DISCLAIMER: NONE OF THESE STORIES BELONG TO ME. You can find them on the official site. Credits to the original authors.
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the lost of souls~
about a boy who first started school and a girl is also in this. (can't tell you anymore you have to do it your self, By reading it ^^ yes it's A creepypasta edition! so i really hope you like it! Also! there might be other oc ...
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The girl in the woods
This story is not real I was bored so I decided to start a story because why not?
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Your Deepest Fears~
Welcome to my Circus of Death. We will Bring you a couple of...ideas... *giggles* The stories are told by my recent staff of my circus, time to explore their experience working for me, *psychotic laughter* Lets Go ---> Discl...
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5-6 word Horror stories
So this is like a continuation of the last one i made but different. These are some 5-6 word horror stories i found rather interesting...
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