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ask or dare vincent and toby
ok so since everybody is asking and daring both of us lets just make a different thing about this so yea enjoy
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dmaein x me!
this is my story abt me and damien x3 its like a diaery iys my dairey okay okayyy
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Family Tree (Work-In-Progress)
When Alyssa Robins' mother buys a house out in the middle of no-where after her father passes away, she doesn't know what to expect of this "new home" that will soon belong to them. Once she arrived, strange things start happen...
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SCP Containment Breach
NOTE: This will become a community-driven story. What should I do next? SCP-096 has escaped! I need to know what SCP to throw at it to stop it. Please vote in the pole!
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Cryptic Killer
just read the god damn story please and rate it ok? still wants words. oh there.
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Heat haze (Eddsworld Tomtord)
Warning, contains gore and slight TomTord. P.S. The end is different than the actual song of Kagerou daze
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scary movie quotes
For those who like scary movies. Hope u enjoy the quotes and find more movies u don't lnow about and maybe watch them I gotta fix it a lityle
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Kuchisake Onna
It is a Japanese urban legend about a woman with a slit mouth. She will go around the streets asking "Am I pretty?"
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Just one story
Some what Bloody and scary I do not suggest to People who get scared easy and afraid of dismembering people not meant for faint of heart... Sorry People who read this and Are traumatized or Anything in between. (excuse some of...
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My Shrek Academia
When the green ogre man, Shrek, somehow enters Japan through a portal and “invades” U.A., the students are left speechless.
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mystery in Spooky Valley (mission: haunted house)
it all starts as a nice day but what happens if things are disappearing or worse. One of my old stories and was supposed to be a Horror story. [I'm sorry if this isn't a horror story] Also, it's not completed yet.
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Murder Blind to the eye
yeeet. lot of death. crazy pyschos, momless and fatherless kid named Mike you know basically what happens these days. just read it, its good and i need ratings cus i really like to write stories.
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A Living Nightmare
this is a rewrite btw. A young girl taken away from her Father, by a hateful Mother was distraught. She is ready to tell everyone about five years of tears and pain. She has been happily reunited with her Dad for six years.
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The Paw's Final Kill
This was written my sophomore year as a project in my English class so it's kind of stupid and a knock off of the Monkey's Paw. PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ANY HATE COMMENTS ON THIS!
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How I Became A Vegetarian
A girl wants to write a scary story for her scary story writing contest at school but she feels like she needs to experience something scary to make her writing seem realistic. Little does she know that she has a pretty scary a...
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The Wanderers (1)
John Benson didn't love the world, but he didn't hate it either. sure life wasn't perfect, but it was better than everyone in the world but him disappearing and having terrifying creatures replacing them.
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Scary stories. (1)
Oh boy, do I miss Halloween. ;-; Hello there, this story with be short/long scary stories. Thank you for reading. ^^ *I don't own or claim any stories. *If you have a certain story you'd like, tell me. ^^
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