Fiction and Nonfiction
A Living Nightmare
this is a rewrite btw. A young girl taken away from her Father, by a hateful Mother was distraught. She is ready to tell everyone about five years of tears and pain. She has been happily reunited with her Dad for six years.
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The Paw's Final Kill
This was written my sophomore year as a project in my English class so it's kind of stupid and a knock off of the Monkey's Paw. PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ANY HATE COMMENTS ON THIS!
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I'll protect you - Laughing Jack x Reader -
You look up at the tall being, a clown. Dark and monstrous and scary- your weak 5 year old mind is instantly terrified. He leans down, scooping you up in his arms, stroking your hair with his monstrous claws, instantly calming ...
15 reads 14 readers 8 by Silent_Ivy
How I Became A Vegetarian
A girl wants to write a scary story for her scary story writing contest at school but she feels like she needs to experience something scary to make her writing seem realistic. Little does she know that she has a pretty scary a...
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The Wanderers (1)
John Benson didn't love the world, but he didn't hate it either. sure life wasn't perfect, but it was better than everyone in the world but him disappearing and having terrifying creatures replacing them.
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Scary stories. (1)
Oh boy, do I miss Halloween. ;-; Hello there, this story with be short/long scary stories. Thank you for reading. ^^ *I don't own or claim any stories. *If you have a certain story you'd like, tell me. ^^
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Shara is a four year proffesional when it comes to babysitting. But when she decides to throw a party the first night, will she regret it the next morning?
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Jaz and friends: mega autism.
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Cold Blood
This is my newest creepypasta OC story. hope you like and enjoy the story! there is a part that is based off of a true event in my life. (yes, it's the dead animal on the side of the road one.)
9 reads 7 readers 6 by Casual_Red
Noa the exe slayer
So noa is now a hunter like Sam and dean from supernatural and Simon Belmont from castlevania series and Megaman were who ever he kills he gets an power
19 reads 8 readers 0 by Jason_the_hedgehog
Glitch (creepypasta)
This is glitch's story and how she met the Creator, the one she calls her sister (even though Creator is the one who made her)
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Best horror stories of all the time
Want to be frightened? That’s easy! Go on and read these stories! Some are very scary, and some are not. Enjoy! P.S. Don’t read this in the dark!
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Merge madness 5b
After escaping the criminal, the merge madness cast have to find a way to deactivate and destroy the criminal.
11 reads 4 readers 3 by NetherWorks
Merge madness 5a
When a criminal goes missing and destroys the Recovery centers, its up to the MM cast to find, deactivate, and destroy the criminal before he causes any other damage!
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The Lost Ring of Rylie Reynolds
Read this absolutely boring story where you will find yourself dozing off before you know it. LOL!
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The Tale of the Three Alices
This story is heavily based on the first three fourths of the song, Alice of Human Sacrifice. Hope you enjoy the story! Wonderland, the placed filled with so much cheer, so much laughter. But, it can be filled with madness and...
3 reads 3 readers 2 by Shadow23654
Moe's Tremors
A simpsons parody of the worm movie, Tremors. In this story, I will leave each chapter on constant cliffhangers, and you can comment on what you want to happen.
2 reads 2 readers 1 by Luigi25
The Hills Have Plumbers
A parody story of the Hills Have Eyes involving a short vacation that Mario, Luigi, Toad, Donkey Kong and Princess Peach take into the mountains, where they encounter a cannibalistic family of Koopas...and they must escape...
8 reads 4 readers 0 by Luigi25
Us Against the World. A Ticci Toby Love Story
This is a Ticci Toby love story, where Ashley and Toby meet in an asylum after she gets caught on a killing spree. They attempt to break out, freeing the other Pasta's. What will happen next? WARNING! MATURE CONTENT! You have ...
11 reads 4 readers 4 by Silent_Ivy