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Not all monsters were born like one
this is about arashi She grows about learning her powers but realized why every one is afraid of her.
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The .EXE Game I Found...
To be honest I just got bored so I wanted to make my third scary story, I like them because they are nice and easy to write and now that I'm older i'll make sure not to make more typos :)
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Notice Me (1)
Ayano Aishi had always been... Empty inside. She was always like this... Just a robot, just herself. But then she met Senpai-san, and then she felt the unending urge to kill all that were in her way.
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The Time have come little ones
This is the second book of the The Twin of The Proxy. Are there Snowdrop and Soph twins? Does Snowdrop does have powers!?!
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The twin of the proxy
This is continuing the proxy so yeah this is about two sides of the story lest do this thng
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Bite Me
Kara Nuni is a vampire. She was born this way. She never even hurt a fly. But when she found out Sesa was abandoned recently, she begins to feel herself change. Only... Who will she change into?
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The Proxy Vol.4
will they go back to the cp house. will Clockworks live with them. is there finally be the time for soph first kill!
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The Proxy vol.3 the escapest
Will they get out of the room Will they get out of the tunnel Will they get away How is the strang being
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Better Off Red
All he could do was watch in complete silence as the pretty red petals fluttered away into the night.
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There is a Zombie Apocalypse and some students are trying to get away from it.
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Helpless Pleas and Family Trees
Just a quick Hanahaki drabble that really has no plot at all. The drum boy gets himself tangled up with Hanahaki again, but this time, family-tree Hanahaki— TW for hints of family abuse and violence—
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the proxy
pretty much my oc will be in this but so here we go the title says anything
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Dead End: No way out
Curiosity helps in many ways. But sometimes it kills. Neer is an 16 year old normal school going boy who gets friends due to his ability, observing. But his weakness is curiousity. life takes a different turn after he sees th...
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creepypasta vol. Jane the killer
This is pretty much about Jane the killer I gotten my info at wiki so ya lets get started
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All Wrapped Up
Kara Nuni only wants one thing for Christmas: Sesa Okomota. He's everything she's ever wanted. Too bad she takes what she wants.
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Short horror stories
Short horror stories. Requirements no lights, a blanket... maybe a fresh pair of underware
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A Dark Water || [complete]
❝you don't need to pretend to be normal anymore.❞ (crosspost from watt-pad)
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The swing that won't stay still
One girl, one responsibility, one choice. Follow her as she sets out on her journey with her family, an old lady, a tree with a girl's face and swing that wont stop moving
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The Lonely Vampiress
Her eyes, black as night, bored into his soul. He stared at her inquisitively for a second or two. "What are - " But then, she smiled, and as the skin of her lips stretched across her teeth, revealing her nearly inch long fangs...
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He Loves Me Not
All he could think about was his bright cerulean eyes and deep chocolate brown hair. And that was when the petals came.
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