Lock Jaw creepypasta.

Lock Jaw creepypasta.

I have made a creepypasta named Lock Jaw! I have never done this hope it`s good enjoy.

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Chapter 1.
Walk in the woods.

Walk in the woods.

It was a brisk autem day and a young girl age 13 was listing to the crunch of leaves under her feet as she walked down the path through the woods. Layla was her name and she has walked this path millions of times she swore she heard foot steps behind her moments ago but she reashoerd her self by saying "Nothing is going to happen, nothing happens when I walk this path at night, Nothing will happen in the day, and if it was most likely a squirly there all over the place." she walked further down the path to clear her head see she lived with a narcissistc mother  and a bi poller father nether of them ever put a hand to her they abused her mentally to the point she atempted suicide at age 8 because she hated her self so bad because she was made to think that unless she gave everything, dropped everything, and did every single little thing for her parents she was a horrible but they were smart about as long as they never laid a hand to her how would she prove what they were doing? Layla was traped she could run away but she had no friends her atempted and failed suicide cased her right eye to go red not the entier thing she still had the whites of her eyes but the rest was red a lite almost pink red and it bulged 2 times it`s normal size  she could still see out it fine her night vison was a little wonky but in the light it was perfect and she still had her left eye. So natrule she was called all sorts of names but there was one kid she started hanging out with at school she was 10 at the time still nieve to what her mom was doing so stupiedly she told her mom all about her new friend the next day her mother draged her to a salon were they colored it a rainbow of neon`s that burned her scalp Layla never complaning she liked the pretty colors. The next day of school her friend ignored her Layla was friendless agine and now a target for bully`s more than ever just what her mother wanted she used this to talk Layla into being home schooled were she could be under constinte supervisone of her parents that`s when she relized the minpulashin but it was to late. So now her only escape was walking down this trail it didn`t mater when midle of the night early morning or mid after noon like now this was her only time to relax the only other thing she had was a neckless it was a silver chain that she never took of.
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