Chance meeting of the LJ.

Chance meeting of the LJ.

In this story my Oc Lock Jaw will be meeting Laughing Jack... I also just relized that the nick name LJ works for both of them hence the title so enjoy.

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Chapter 1.
Finding a taget.

Finding a taget.

Hood up head down Lock jaw was walking aloung the street feeling hungry there weren`t to may people out. She soon found a house with toys laying in the yard she pirred into the window a small girl was drawing a pictuer of 'A clown... Why a clown I hate clowns!' Lock jaws thoughts swirled around her ever lasting anger for clowns 'Whys it in black and whit? Just great the kid like demented clowns!' the thought of the first time she meet a clown came to the frount of her brain she was 6 turning 7 with no friends her mom hirred a clow so she could take pictuers of her doing something with someone I mean what else was she going to use to brag  what she didn`t expect was to get a clown that hated kids to the point of doing anything posible to scare them into crying ecept instead of crying Lock Jaw bit him... repetadly 'Ok this kid has got to go it will be my good deed for the day.' and with that thought in mind Lock Jaw knocked on the door the door opend and there was the girl "Hi can I help you?" she asked trying to get a better look at her face but Lock Jaw keep her head turned so she couldn`t see her face or the voice box in her mouth "Were`s your mom and dad."
the girl looked down "Out." was all she said "Can I come in?" befor the girl answer she looked to the side as if someone to the left of her in the room was saying something befor turning back to Lock Jaw "Laughing Jack says I shouldn`t let you in." by now it felt eyes were boring into Lock Jaw but she ignorged it and looked to were the girl had only to see nothing not even noticing that the girl could now see her entire face "AHHHH!" the girl screemed Lock Jaw put the voice box in her back pocket ans steped in side pulling her hood down growling at the chiled who took of running for her life "I like it quit!" Lock Jaw growled running after the girl withen a few stepes she had grabed her arm "Won`t lie that voice of yours is perfect."
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