Powers among us

Each year 5 girls and 5 boys are chosen to go to the magic kingdom to learn their skill. These 10 teenagers must fight evil and become one with the magic or it will betray you.

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Chapter 1.


Lizzie couldn't hear anything except the music blaring from her iPod. She hugged her knees scared at what had just happened She had moved or it least though She did. She probably just spaced out. Lizzie was sitting at her desk and suddenly She was on her bed. Lizzie heard a knock on the door and was thankful that her parents and brother Lucas was home. Lizzie fidgeted with her hair and half ran down stairs. She hugged her parents and they stared at her like she was insane (maybe she was).

Lizzie headed out the door and met Mia at the buss. Mia's shoulder length ginger hair was down and flopping in the breeze she was also wearing converse and had on a crop top with black leggings.
"Hi Mia. How was your date with mason?", Lizzie asked as she hugged her best friend.

"Oh my god I have to tell you everything. So he held the door for me when we walked into the theater. He even put his arm around me. Squeee.", Mia said happily.

"That's so great. Do you think he's the one?", Lizzie asked.

"How would I know but he's so damn hot", Mia said dreamily

"I can't believe you had your first date before I did", Lizzie said jokingly

"And yesterday the weirdest thing happened to me I mean it's probably all in my head anyways", Lizzie said unsure if she should tell Mia.

"Tell me I don't care if you sound crazy", said Mia reassuring her

Lizzie opened her mouth to speak but didn't then she did knowing her friend wouldn't tease her, "  I was at my desk and all of a sudden I was on my bed, I mean I was listening to music so I probably walked there. Right?

"Yay you probably walked there it's nothing to worry about besides we need to get you a date with Oliver", Mia said.

"Shhh not so loud", Lizzie shushed Mia.

The buss pulled up at the school and Lizzie and Mia parted ways. Lizzie went into the girls bathroom to do her make up she didn't have time to do it in the morning. She double checked to see if it looked over board. She didn't want it to look unnatural. Lizzie walked to class.
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Comments (3)

The attitude on Mason is almost like mine’s but I look nothing like from the picture lol
on February 16
If anyone reads this I'm struggling making a comedian character does anyone have good advice?
on February 01
The first ten chapters are introductions to the ten main charcters
on February 01