A year of drama

A year from my life slightly different with different names besides my own. School drama. Nine year old Abby goes to a school and is treated really badly by a group of mean girls specifically one girl willow.

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Chapter 1.

Normal year

The year began the same as any. I was back at my hometown school after transferring back to my old school last year to have my grandma for a teacher. I shyly entered a new classroom with fimilar faces. I was greated and hugged. I was exited for this year, I had heard great things about this teacher and he played Minecraft on class with us all the time.

"Hi Abby I'm glad your back", willow said.

"It's so nice to see you", I said.

I showed willow, Tess, and autumn my new cat skirt my grandma made for me.

"Hi twin cat", poppy said.

"Hello", I said happy to see my best friend from that school who was also a cat nerd.

Willow and I had sometimes hung out at school in previous years but this year we hung out all the time. Willow, poppy and I always did the tire swing together. Poppy would push Willow and I and then we would switch. I think Tess was getting kind of jealous I was stealing her best friend but she was always nice but stuck to willow like glue. The girls from that school new to much and said to much. I bearly knew what a swear was. They would swear and all of them acted like bitchy teenagers except autumn and poppy. They started influencing me and I had a few close calls with getting in trouble but I Never swore.

On some days it was warm enough to sit out side. I didn't sit with willow, Tess, and Maria instead I sat with poppy, lily, and Talia. We had fun playing with littlest pet shops and screaming "honk your horn" when ever a car went by along with the rest of the school. A recces I always hung out with willow on the tire swing. One day she didn't want to swing. I was okay but I don't think she wanted to hang out with me at all. Willow sticked with her group.
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